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And the Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward. Exodus 14:15

The fear that the Israelites felt when they heard that Pharaoh and all his army were going after them made them all discouraged and wanted to return to Egypt. This also led Moses to disengage a little from his faith and pray without meaning. Then, in divine impetus, the Most High cried out, asking His servant why He cried to Him rather than telling the people to march. There is time for everything!

When we know what to do, we need not cry out to the Lord; After all, if there are further instructions, He will give us. Many times I find myself repeating what is meaningless, for I have heard enough from God not to stop, but to walk in the way He has indicated. We cannot condemn Moses for crying out, if the Most High did not condemn him; just warned him. May He always warn us!

We can’t be tough guys, condemning others without confessing that sometimes we do the same. It is difficult to take about three million people out of captivity and bring them to the Land of Liberty if, among the pilgrims, there are all kinds of people and problems. Some were elderly; others, children, besides the cattle they carried: oxen, sheep and tents, food and other items necessary for the trip. Moses was their leader!

How many times have issues arisen between each other in the camp? We do not know. Imagine a crowd like the population of Salvador or Belo Horizonte. That was the number he had under his guard. He had no police, no speaker, and no means to have them under his control but divine authority. How many times has evil arisen between them and Moses had to seek the direction of the High to resolve the conflict or the plague?

When the ladies went into labor daily, they had to wait a while to move on. It was complicated to be a leader in those days, but all along God helped Moses and solved the difficulties. Only those who had divine anointing could occupy such a place. He was responsible for everything that happened to the Israelites, and it lasted 40 years. Mercy surrounded him!

Feeling that he and the people would pass by the sea, Moses decided to pray more, and God told him to tell the people to march. We do not have to know all that the Lord will do. Otherwise it would not be by faith the walk. We must rely on the omniscience of the Father, who will provide the means to bring us to completion. When the Omnipotent decides to do something, no one can stop Him. Those who trust know that God is greater than adversity.

Leaders must have complete dependence on the Lord; otherwise, they will fail to do as they are told. The lives of millions are in the hands of those in charge of the work. I can say that it is not difficult to do what God commands, being a faithful servant. Do not be afraid to be an instrument of the Most High!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Commander! We need to understand when we no longer cry to You, but march to the fulfillment of Your will. We are dependent on you in every situation. We ask Your assistance to win.

As for what you said to Moses, it suits us. We need to know when to pray and act so as not to delay the moment of our release. You are the One with the safe direction. Without you, we will do nothing!

Marching at the right time, believing all the time and praising your holy name, we will not disturb your action. Lord, guide us in every step. Thank you for leading us in triumph. We give you the glory for the victory!


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