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For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does; and He will show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel. John 5:20

It is essential to be serious in the work of God. But the most important thing is to receive His guidance. There is an error being spread among people who claim to have been born again and say that they love the Most High: they have come to behave like the followers of the most varied religions. They think that because they pray alot they are taking part on the work. It is necessary to be involved with the Lord through the Scriptures and through His power.

The Father loved the Son and showed Him His deeds; Jesus wants to do the same with us. Try to understand God’s will for His sake. Since I was very young, I learned that we must be different from the religious people because they are not aware of the Most High´s purposes and they just keep repeating prayers (Matthew 6: 7) and Bible verses learned as praises. Only if you practice the Word will you rise up and assume your place in Jesus.

The Father’s love for the Savior was perpetuated forever and ever, after the death and resurrection of Christ. This was already guaranteed by Jesus when He said: “he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do,” (John 14:12a). You must crave for a personal contact with the Lord and listen to His guidance on when and how to do something. The Kingdom of God is so much more organized than we imagine.

Jesus’ love for us will never end. The Master will guide us in great works until the day He calls us to His glory. He will always teach us the best way to carry out His will, so that we do not waste time and so that we are not manipulated by the enemy. It is so profitable to fulfill the ordinances from on High, for we are choosing that which is right and we also glorify God.

This generation is hopelessly in love with the internet. Because of this, we have set aside God´s intentions for our lives. It is harmful to allow other things to take up the space that are meant for the works of the Most High. If this happens, we will be out of His plans, which are our reason for living.

We are dealing with the love of the One who is perfect, who knows what He is doing, who never lets Himself be led by the lies of Satan and always answers the person who is in fellowship with Him. God’s intention is not to receive flattery – found too often in the speech of most politicians – , but to provide the very best for every man and woman. The best way to worship or praise the Almighty is to thank Him heartely for having been blessed (John 4:24).

You will see Jesus show you how much He can bless you, once you surrender to His holy will. Thus, you will never stumble into the stones thrown by the enemy along the way. To walk with God is to believe in His statements, making them your target. You will be in good terms with Him when you examine the Holy Book and follow the message contained therein (Joshua 1:8).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God our Savior! You have never failed to answer us and give to all who seek You the correct teaching to live well and fulfill Your purpose. We cry out for help, love and revelation.

Just as You showed Your Son all that You did, come and present to us what You are planning, for we long to please You. We can only spread good if we are with You and working in favor of Your work.

We want to marvel and walk under Your light. Thus, we will be fulfilled when carrying out of our mission. We need to see You joyful with our obedience and our love. Then, the desires of our heart will be answered.


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