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Those who trust in the Lord Are like Mount Zion, Which cannot be moved, but abides forever. Psalm 125:1

Trusting the Lord is more than just using an excuse to try to explain inertia when facing a problem. For many, lying is normal because they justify failure or sin in which they are bogged down by claiming to have faith in God. In King David’s life, we see the significance of placing trust in Whom could and wanted to deliver him from the evil one.

The Christian Church, symbolized by Mount Zion, withstood all attacks of the devil. The tempter, the Roman Empire, and the rage of barbarian people persecuted her in so many ways, but she survived. But some of its members, upon seeing the unfavorable scenario against the house of God, left even before the arrival of the evil one. Jesus said such people are mercenaries (John 10:12, 13)!

Mercenaries flee from meetings with few people because they lack commitment to the Lord and they cannot stay alert with Him for even an hour, a day, a month, or several years. Thus, when darkness descends over a region on Earth, they do not know how to react. Why, we cannot be idle workers. Those of God know that fire can come down from Heaven and consume the lie that tries to attack the Christian faith.

The devil is discontent with the preaching of the Gospel´s success in our country. For this reason, he will endeavor to undermine the God´s work. The selfish see the pressure arise and flee. However, the true servants of the Lord are not intimidated and unmask the wiles of the evil one. Thus, they see multitudes passing through the narrow gate and the narrow way (Matthew 7:14). Halleluiah!

The Church must be unshakable even when the antichrist arises and persecutes it. It has the power to silence the enemy´s voice. Those of God desire to be in the midst of the enemy’s greatest criticism, knowing that Truth always triumphs. The Lord seeks such worshipers. He who fulfills his ministerial call out of fear or through political agreements never thrives. God will always be faithful!

Divine work is done with the power of the Holy Spirit, determination and fearlessness to face Satan and his demons. We are the best the Father has to take the message preached by Jesus to the world, teaching those deceived by religious philosophies that the secret is to listen to the Word and never back down. The Gospel must be known in all parts of the globe.

The day will come when religions, with their riches and fame, will fall to the ground, but the Church of Christ will prevail, because it was built to be a beacon, pointing the way. So if one day you are in under a trial, remain in the Lord. He who trusts in Him is not shaken, but abides forever, as the key verse declares.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Beloved Father, in whom We Trust! We can't be conceited, saying we trust in You but run away when the storm hits us. We have to give a good testimony.

We want to be like Mount Zion, which never trembles or falters. Even if it falters, Your Church, made up of those who accept Jesus as Savior, will never be shaken by the coming events!

Why would we falter if we are to remain forever? The momentary and dangerous threats suffered are signs that we are pleasing You. The world will see that the saved are parts of the Body of Christ. Jesus is the Head of this unique work!


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