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25/10/2019 - THE ANSWER FROM GOD

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Suddenly a prophet approached Ahab king of Israel, saying, “Thus says the LORD: ‘Have you seen all this great multitude? Behold, I will deliver it into your hand today, and you shall know that I am the LORD.’ 1 Kings 20:13

When followed thoroughly, God’s plan leads us to victory. It would be difficult for Ahab to withstand pressure from Ben-Hadad, the Syrian king. But, since Ahab sought the guidance of the elders who feared the Lord, the recipe was given to him. Then, upon giving voice to those words, he experienced the solution. We must listen to the Most High. Thus, we will be free of the devilish attacks.

How many bad things are happening to you? The message of God is the same as that given to the king of Israel. Today, when you believe, the Lord gives you the multitude of enemies who have risen against you. Therefore, reject the lies of the accuser. Believe what the Almighty says to your heart through the Word, and you will see that the devil will not reach you if you are in Christ.

God wants you to obey Him, because He is Lord. He does not want you to follow Him blindly. If so, when the father of lies invents something, you will go after him. God’s mission, after saving you from eternal damnation, is to teach you the way you should walk. Read the Bible carefully, and the Creator will help you. Believe it!

When he heard the good news from the prophet, Ahab, who never sought or served God, asked who would carry out this extraordinary work. The answer was: by the 232 young men of the chiefs of the provinces. However, what would that be like for an oversized army, like that of Ben-Hadad and the 32 kings who followed him on that destructive mission? Well, Jehovah is a Man of war!

Then the king of Israel numbered all the Israelites prepared for that battle and came to the number of seven thousand. His question was who would lead this insignificant group to face the powerful enemy, and the prophet said, “You.” Since there was no other way to confront the Syrian-led confederation of nations, Ahab said nothing, and at noon the warriors went out to the battle.

The surprise took over everyone, even the opponents. At that moment Ben-Hadad was getting drunk with the kings and was not prepared to fight. Then he thought that group of people would surrender to them and gave orders to bring them alive. However, with the divine anointing, the handful of young men placed the Syrians and their confederates to flee in despair. Thus, Israel won the battle and great was the damage done to the opponents!

Though he saw the hand of God give them victory, Ahab ignored the Most High and continued on his wicked path. Why do people not convert, even when seeing the divine signs? It is a question that only the Most High can answer. Stay alert and pray!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of victory! The lesson we draw from this distressing moment for Israel is the fact that You rescued Your people when, humanly speaking, they had no chance to solve that situation. Only You are God!

Father, many are surrounded by the armies of Hell! Tell each one how to proceed. In fact, You have already spoken by Your Word, but Your love will help them out of adversity.

For man, Your counsel is nothing in the face of cancer, of an insoluble problem, but, as You open the understanding and pour out Your anointing on us, we think differently and win. You are good!


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