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He took Peter, James and John along with him, and he began to be deeply distressed and troubled.     Mark 14:33

The Lord took His disciples to Gethsemane and commanded them to sit there, for He would pray to the Father. The Savior knew that the time had come to give Himself on the altar of Calvary, so he was terrified. Now there is no victory without a fight. The timing was quite difficult. Before long, the enemy would use all his ability to reach Him, and be amazed: Jesus would be separated from the Father.

Christ turned away, taking Peter, John, and James, and told them to watch with Him. The situation that awaited Him was very difficult. Christ was distressed and confessed that His soul was deeply sad unto death. So he asked those disciples to stay there to watch. It is unfortunate, but they were not in the same spiritual position as the Master and slept.

Having gone a little farther, Jesus fell to the ground and prayed to the Father that if it were possible that this hour might pass from him (v. 35). The battle was hard, but since He had never refused one of His requests, He pleaded with that blessing; but this time it was not answered. Here’s the lesson: God never changes His plans, even if one begs. It was impossible for the Most High to remove the cup from His Son (v. 36), or we would not be saved!

Jesus opened the heart to the Father, but the disciples could not watch. When he returned, he found them asleep and, looking at Peter, said, Simon, are you sleeping? Can’t you watch an hour? (v. 37). For those who have not been born again, it is difficult to resist any temptation, even sleep. So never trust the people who come to church and soon want to be workers. Only who is in Christ can do the divine work.

For the second time He prayed the same words and came back to find them sleeping again, because their eyes were heavy with sleep and they did not know what to answer (v. 39,40). One must be in communion with God, without temptation in the heart, and let nothing take the place of the Lord’s express command. Only those who are well in the faith will fulfill the mission of always watching and praying.

After the third prayer, the resigned Master said to them, “Sleep now and rest.” Enough (v. 41). Because he was not answered by the Father (since men cannot fight without receiving strength from God), it was no use praying, but conforming to the approach of the moment of sacrifice, when it would be given to sinners. Christ invited the disciples to rise and leave, because the one who would betray Him was near (v. 42). Luck was sealed!

We will never have to face the struggles Jesus faced, but there are other kinds of battles. Therefore, we must be well with the Most High in order not to be overcome by evil or fear. God will assist us in every situation if we give Him a place in our lives. May the will of the Lord always be done in us!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God the Redeemer! Jesus is our Champion, who knew what would happen to Him. However, He cried to You for a way not to pass the test, but Your answer convinced Him that it was necessary to suffer the punishment to save us!

Since the request of Thy Son was not possible, Thy will was done. He knew it would be delivered into the hands of sinners, but it would win. How we love you, Lord!

Christ's death has brought us life, His example serves us as a lesson, and Your beautiful love makes us believe that You will not forsake us. Walking by your side is good and makes sure that we will never back down, because in the end, it's just victory!


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