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That the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.  Galatians 3:14

It might seem crazy, but the most beautiful and holy act performed by God on our behalf was to send His Son into the world to die in our place, rescue us from the fall of Adam and teach us to do His will. Since then, as we hear about this work, we discover how much we were and are loved. Thus, we live victoriously, free from the devil’s clutches. Moreover, as ministers of the Lord, we can fulfill His purpose in the life of the one who believes.

If the Most High had not loved the world in order to send His Only Begotten (John 3:16), our future would be in Hell. However, this is all in the past, and since then we have the right to listen to the Good News and change our fate. We have not yet honored Jesus as we should. If He had refused to come, or had not defeated Satan, we would be lost forever. We must exalt Him for all His deeds.

In addition to the gifts poured by Christ, delivering us from the eternal and terrible condemnation, the blessing of Abraham came to us when we believed in the Savior. Today, we are heirs of all biblical promises; therefore, we cannot accept any reason for suffering, because the work done by Jesus belongs to us in its entirety.

Reject that which contradicts the Scriptures. Divine revelation should be your goal in faith in Christ. You have the right to be what God speaks in His Word and do the work as Jesus did, achieving amazing results. Anything other than that is just talk of the enemy so that you do not reign in life (Revelation 1:6). Going to Heaven is guaranteed to those who heard the Good News, believed in the Word and received Jesus as Savior. Now, every Christian can live on the highest level.

The blessing of Abraham has reached all who believe. Identify what your need is, go to the Almighty in prayer and claim it. If need be, do as Jacob, who fought with the Lord all night long and prevailed (Genesis 32:28). Every person saved is recorded in the Heavens as heir of God and co-heir of Jesus (Romans 8:17). Our Savior has spoken clearly: all that the Father possesses belongs to the Son. Therefore,  we can also declare this.

Now, the saved must be baptized in the Holy Spirit. If they despise this wonderful gift, they will live like the lost – defeated and in need. With the Spirit of God upon your life, you will walk everywhere doing good and healing those oppressed by the devil (Acts 10:38). This is exactly the kind of anointing that the Lord wants for you! So, roll up the sleeves and carry out your mission.

God has only one Word. If it has not been fulfilled in your life, it is because the enemy perceived you are unsteady in faith. So even though it is burned by the Fire, which is the Lord, the devil resists. In this way, like many who have fallen back and lost their blessing, Satan expects you to declare that you have been forsaken by the Father. But understand: The Lord will never leave you!

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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True and only Lord! The devil has deceived us so much! First, he tempts us to sin; then accuses us of having bad thoughts. So we believe in him and not in You, and we allow the lie to prevail.

Although we have sinned, it is enough to confess the error to You and, in some cases, to whom we defraud financially, physically and morally, asking for true forgiveness. Father, Abraham´s blessing is for us as well!

Forgive us, heal our illnesses and give solution to our problems. Great God, in Your Name, the bad things that have happened to us must go away. We are grateful that You see us free. Amen!


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