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“The Lord will command the blessing on you in your storehouses and in all to which you set your hand, and He will bless you in the land which the Lord your God is giving you. Deuteronomy 28:8

For those that trust in the Lord and keep His commandments, the blessing is present from the choice and preparation of the land and soil through the process of growth of the crop, the harvest and storage in storehouses.  There is no way the faithful be kept from his just reward which comes from a greater bounty than could be thought or imagined by natural means alone.  However, it is not enough to be a church goer that constantly pleads for a blessing.

When you decide to plant, God has already prepared your crop to be immense. In truth, those who serve Him are assisted from the moment they feel the desire to do something, for they are not motivated by envy or led by opportunism. This believer always places his desires before the heavenly Father and waits for His approval.

The true servants are led by the holy Word.  They do not worry if God closes his heart about a certain task or product that they have in mind for they know that if the Lord says no it will be because something better is waiting for them.  Then do not be taken by any feeling of sadness if the Lord’s voice directs you otherwise.  What is important is to follow His directions and not what is pleasing to your eyes.  Bow before God because He is good to those who love Him.

It is not possible that God send you the blessing and it is not in your storehouse, because His orders are entirely listened to and fully obeyed to the letter.  The angels of the Lord, who obey the Word, will move into action when you give voice to what the Almighty says according to the Scriptures.  When commanding that you be blessed, God is recognizing that you accepted His plan; then there is no way for the enemy to interfere, because the honor of the Lord is at stake!  He is faithful!

David said: The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places (Psalm 16:6a). Having been drawn by the Almighty, nothing could be different.  You must place your hands on what God has given you.  Lay hold of your portion and thank Him for it.  Even in the desert you will be greatly blessed.  If it is not possible to plant in the desert, and God placed you there, certainly, under the dry land there is petroleum or other riches, and a good spread to produce solar energy.

The Almighty want to bless you in the land which He has given to you.  If everyone says that it is worthless, when you begin to prosper, they will glorify the Lord and will rejoice with His works in your life.  On the other hand those who gave up that land will return to God in shame, will seek forgiveness for not having trusted in Him. There is no room for error in what He does in our favor.  We will understand what He says when we understand the Scriptures.

When you are before the All-Powerful, talk less and listen more.  Only He who knows what he says and does can speak and this is our God. The devil will not enter your barn if you give to the Lord the rightful place in your life.  You will be called a friend of God by all who know you.  What do you need besides divine favor?  Therefore rise up to your victory!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God that blesses! It is good to hear that You will send the blessings to our storehouses.  This way we will live in peace, because what we produced with the sweat and Your grace will not part from us but remain in our possession.

We will be blessed in the land given by You.  Don’t allow us to sleep and the enemy come with his lies.  If we accept them they will be keys in his hands to come and loot our supply.  You are our Protection!

The land You have given us is fertile.  Furthermore we have Your promise that You will send the blessing to us.  Now we must move.  Your instructions for us to do what is good are more important.  Amen!


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