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19/08/2019 - THE CROWN OF CURSE

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Then David took their king’s crown from his head, and found it to weigh a talent of gold, and there were precious stones in it. And it was set on David’s head. Also he brought out the spoil of the city in great abundance. 1Chronicles 20:2

It is dangerous to take ownership of what belongs to the enemy. In David’s case, he did not look at the fact that one of the strategies of the devil is to incite God’s servants to greed. When David was confirmed king over Israel, and defeated the Philistines in Perazim, they left their gods of silver and gold there, but David commanded them to be burned. (1 Chronicles 14:11). However, when he defeated the Ammonites, David placed the crown of their king on his own head.

All that is anathema must be burned, discarded. Even if it has a high monetary value, it is not good for the servant of the Most High. Whoever uses something consecrated to the enemy must prepare for temptations he will suffer. Hell is ruthless, and so it instigates people to do what is wrong. The forces of evil are astute and harmful. Get away from them!

David had not gone to war against the Ammonites, but remained in Jerusalem. However, after Joab took the army, destroyed the land of the Ammonites and invited the king to go with the rest of the men, he went and won. However, he took the crown from the head of the defeated monarch and placed it on his. Now there is only one crown that we must place upon our head, that of divine glory, given by the beloved Savior!

Whoever plays with fire will burn. The work of the Lord must be done earnestly. A simple hug can trigger a passion that will greatly distress you. The affirmation that a hug is an expression of affection is true, but a Christian should embrace only that person whom he is married to. Why get involved with someone other than your spouse? Stay alert and pray!

The news that Joab had surrounded and taken Rabbah sounded as glad tidings in the ear of the king and shepherd of God´s people. Why had he not gone to war, if it was the time for the kings to go out to battle? No doubt the Almighty knew what could happen to him, so he made him stay in Jerusalem. But when he heard the good news of Rabbah’s fall, he might not have prayed and hastily set out to enjoy the glory of victory. The secret is to watch and pray always!

Israel continued to conquer victories over the enemies, and several Israelites stood out to destroy giants, like Elhanan son of Jair, who struck Goliath´s brother, a giant as well (1 Chronicles 20: 5). However, because David put the crown of the enemy king on his head, some days later, Satan induced him to make a survey to see how great the army of Israel was, and David paid a very high price. Be alert!

What benefit did the king have for placing the crown of his adversary over his head, and taking it to Jerusalem, if anathema must be destroyed? Think about it: what prompted you to hug, exchange kisses with one who is not your better half, if, now, you are going through great tribulations? Repent!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord!  How many people, as they read this message, have come to their senses and now confess their mistakes and bad thoughts! The fact they give in to temptation already distances them from You. Mercy!

Look at those who are praying and confessing their transgressions. You are forgiving, so we come to You asking for Your help. We cannot distance ourselves from You! Father! Free our soul from errors!

We do not want the crown of the enemy or the caresses of one who is not our spouse. We need to be free from the chains that enslave us and make us suffer. Extend Your compassion and put us at Your feet once more. Amen!


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