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Fierce witnesses rise up; They ask me things that I do not know. Psalms 35:11

In this world, we find people who say they love humanity and they prove it by doing good to all. Others say they believe in God, but prove to be just the opposite. Nonetheless, all have the right to live here, because they are human beings just like everybody else. Those who really love others are known by their compassion when they see people walking towards eternal perdition.

The Psalmist David was a victim of those who disapproved his way of serving the Lord. The attitude of those people should be avoided. How can someone be good when they are insensitive to the pain of others? If you have tasted salvation, how can you not feel discomfortable with the future of the lost ones, even if they don’t care about what awaits them after death.

It is certain that those who believed in the lies of the enemy, and became false witnesses, will be condemned. The truth is that they rejected the invitation of the Lord to be faithful servants of the Truth. Now, even those who consider themselves to be the worst sinners, will be saved when they hear the Word and believe in it. To testify is something very serious. If we don’t talk according to the Word, we are in deep darkness.

All throughout history, false testimonies arose and led innocent people to suffer. However, greater affliction awaits those who are liars, who said things they know nothing about. Those who lie consciously or unconsciously, who speak about what they didn’t see as if they had seen, will be ashamed when the Lord returns.

Before Roman authorities, the devil used Jewish priests who said they were God’s ministers, with fake speeches to accuse the Master. There is always someone willing to slander an unknown person, saying they are guilty of something they never did. Because of that, they’ll lose money, honor and liberty. May God be merciful with you!

The best thing is to always walk in righteousness. Those who pass by and meddle in a quarrel not their own are like those who take a dog by the ears (Proverbs 26:17). Why would someone speak lies on behalf of someone else when they should actually be speaking in the name of Jesus? To believe in Christ is what men should do to be saved.

What will happen to those who lie about the Son of God or those who accuse unfairly? Be smart and jump out of anything that harms innocent people. Pay attention to your own words and watch your choices and actions. Be vigilant and pray so you won’t fall into temptation!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord! It is crazy to think about how courageous some people are when they speak against the Gospel without even reading what the Bible says. They won’t walk away unpunished. It is terrible to not love Jesus!

The world needs honest people, who say the truth about what they’ve seen and learned, in order for the lost ones to be saved and restored. It’s useless to believe in lies and think you’re special, because on judgement day, only the truth will prevail.

We want to be witnesses of Christ. To speak the truth, besides being something that dignifies, will bring rewards for setting people free from the lake of fire and sulfur, which will burn for all of eternity! 


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