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Then He began to rebuke the cities in which most of His mighty works had been done, because they did not repent.  Matthew 11:20

We can perceive that God always works for a purpose, following a plan that was born in His heart: to bring people from all over to Him. Therefore, He sends His servants with Jesus-like power to proclaim the Gospel and work in favor of the lost. Then, when they see the marvelous operations of the Most High, they will receive the faith. The Lord loves everyone equally.

You are ungrateful if you refuse to bear witness of God’s deeds in your favor. This hurts the Father’s heart because His desire is for people to know that He is ready to deliver the oppressed. The Most High longs to see every one being saved, walking through the narrow Gate and difficult Way (Matthew 7:14). But whoever hears of the wonders of the Lord will surely seek him, and will also be blessed and saved.

Jesus was in Chorazin, but although He made great signs among the people, the people there did not understand the divine plan; thus, they did not convert. Is it any use to be cured of cancer, or another evil, but then be cast into the lake of sulfur and fire? The Lord wants man to live well here and in eternity as well. Are you saved already?

Likewise, in Bethsaida great wonders were seen, but, amazingly, the citizens of that city wasted the chance to enjoy the goodness of God and get right with Him. Even though they were healed, it did not occur to them that that was only the beginning of an endless cycle of blessings. For this reason, the Master rebuked those who were foolish not to surrender before the Truth revealed by Him.

The same happened with Capernaum, where Jesus carried out unquestionable wonders; however, that city by the Sea of Galilee, where He had His headquarters, matched Chorazin and Bethsaida. Everything in the world will come to an end. However, the saved will enter the eternal Kingdom of Christ, from where they will never leave. Be careful Don’t lose your salvation! Stay alert!

There was no point in Capernaum (or São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, London, or another city in the world) witnessing the power of God perform great works in their midst, if the people were unprepared to change their lives. The works of the Most High are testimonies of Him on the responsibility of people converting and changing their course in all things. Your conversion will influence other lives!

This is the summary of the Lord’s rebuke: we will be held responsible for what we do with the God-given evidence of the Gospel. Many do not repent, despite receiving gifts that many people never imagined that God could bestow on them. Only those who surrender to Jesus will ascend to Heaven with Him!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of holy purposes! We are so late to understand Your plans! Despite doing wonders never seen before, people miss the opportunity to seek You. There are those who think that Judgment will not come. Mercy!

Even with Your revelations, there are Christians only thinking about designer clothes, cars and other beautiful man-made things. Nobody cares about the fact that, sooner or later, everything will end. It is better to prepare for the Judgment Day.

Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum received Your rebuke and did not change. Why was Your invitation rejected? Your words are not always accepted by those at Your feet, begging for material goods. Help them, Father!


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