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25/10/2020 - THE DAY OF INQUIRY

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I will be your King; Where is any other, That he may save you in all your cities? And your judges to whom you said, ‘Give me a king and princes’?? Hosea 13:10

Forcing the Lord to give us something not planned by Him is a bad thing. Israel did that when Samuel was the priest, judge and prophet. Once Hannah´s son was great before God, although he did not like that request, he consented to see the holy nation wanting to be like the other peoples. This showed that the kingdom of darkness had a part in the Israelite’s, and later, Hell had them completely.

The coming of evil among the chosen ones of the Lord occurred because they felt that they should not obey Him in all things. Having king and princes would be relevant to them. Now, if they had the King of kings, who ruled over them, why should they lower themselves to the point of deposing the Holy One of Israel and making someone like them sovereign? The system created by the Most High could have changed the entire World, but they did not respect the divine decision!

The Israelites were being threatened on all sides, so the Omnipotent asked where their king was; would the one who “reigned” guard them throughout their territory and lead them to victory? The simplicity of the Gospel is so much better than any political philosophy or religious dogma. So what is the reason for changing what worked in Jesus’ day for what we think is best and then running out of strength and being defeated?

The Lord was angry at their request, but He granted them. However, because it was not His initiative, He would also take that king out when in fury, when they provoked Him with evil acts. By this example, we see: it is not good to be used by the enemy. God’s plan is always the best for those who truly serve Him.

Whoever follows the Father must obey Him in everything, because He would never forbid us in good. However, without a doubt, He would not approve of anything originated in Satan, for that only brings suffering. He who rejects the snares of the evil kingdom will not be oppressed. The person’s refusal of the devil’s offers prevents him from getting his hands on them. Look for the Lord!

When we are right with God, we don’t remember the devil’s wickedness against us. Every time the opponent comes to tempt us, we reject his attacks which try to oppress us. On the other hand, whoever remains in error rejects the Lord and, when attacked, will only be freed from suffering after saying the prayer of repentance and obtained forgiveness.

Never ask for something that the Almighty has not promised or denied. Consider His refusal for any desire of yours as final. Get to know what belongs to you in faith in Christ and claim it. Because it is God’s promise, it´s already yours. Acting according to the Lord’s will causes you to be continually kept and blessed by Him.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, true friend! It was a bad decision by the Israelite's to have asked for a king. We have also been hasty to plead for some foolish things, and then we realize that we are not doing well. We must be Your servants!

After making mistakes, the only way to get right with Your will is to repent, and they did not do that. Give us the gift of repentance, to adjust ourselves. Help us, Lord!

Why ask for kings and princes, matching the world, if their position before You was far greater than any other? We want to have the power to never disappoint You; therefore, forgive us and free us from our errors!


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