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The days of punishment have come; The days of recompense have come. Israel knows! The prophet is a fool, The spiritual man is insane, Because of the greatness of your iniquity and great enmity. Hosea 9.7

Decades before it´s fulfillment, Hosea had written about the Lord´s judgment upon Israel. This happened because its inhabitants did not want to listen to what the Most High spoke to their hearts. Just as the punishment of God happened at that time, it will also take place in our days. The words of the Lord that deal with the period in which the Earth will go through great tribulations will be real, and whoever is not ready will be filled with horror.

On the Day of Reckoning, each one will receive their reward on time and to the extent announced. People without judgment will remember the “crazy” believers, who bothered them day and night, and will want to meet with them, asking them to pray for them, but it will be too late. Get right with the Lord today, before the day of Reckoning where all will be held accountable.

Everyone will understand the facts taking place and that nothing more can be done. Suffering will be so difficult to endure, that rich and poor, authorities and ordinary citizens will ask the mountains to fall on them (Revelation 6:16). The Church will realize that the time has it´s rescue has come. Then, filled with fear and despair, the lost will plead to be saved, but to no avail. Stay alert and pray!

In Sodom and Gomorrah, people mocked when they heard that sulfur and fire from Heaven would rain, capable of destroying everything. But when that happened, only righteous Lot and his two daughters were saved. His wife looked back, although she knew she shouldn´t do that and she turned into a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:26). Take care of yourself, because what God says always comes to pass.

Sin and the hostile way of responding to the Lord will make people face wicked things. Men will desire death and seek it, but it will flee from them (Revelation 9:6). It doesn’t matter your excuse for not serving God; whatever you say against divine decrees will be your accusation during the eternal judgment. The man who does not practice  Scriptures is a liar, and his word is worthless. Believe in the Almighty!

Many people think that Christians are fools and have trouble looking at reality. However, they are talking about themselves. It is the greatest folly not to pay attention to the Creator. God’s servants are sensible, because they know the Truth and were delivered by it. Certainly, they have perfect judgment and expect eternal redemption to enter Glory!

Everyone should hear the Word and believe it. Unfortunately, the rebels will head for eternal doom. Not participating in the world of perfection will be the biggest loss that awaits them. Assume your position now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our punishment! One day, the disobedient will know that it was a terrible decision not to pay attention to what You announced. Why do many prefer to do so? We ask mercy for them!

The Israelite's prosperity did not allow them to believe that they would into captivity one day. That was the golden opportunity to repent, but pride kept them from listening to You. Thus, they spent 70 years in Babylon.

We plead for those astray to return to You! If they continue the way they live, they will be condemned to torment. They need to hear You to escape the bad times that will come upon humanity. This is the right moment!


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