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They shall utter the memory of Your great goodness, And shall sing of Your righteousness. Psalm 145:7

David knew that God’s children are tempted not to advertise God’s goodness. If they do, people will run to the Lord and get rid of hellish oppressions once and for all. The devil is the creator of chaos. For him, the worse the better. So he orders his subjects to do exactly what he wants. Those who like to proclaim wrong, filthy and dishonest things are used by the king of darkness.

The king felt from God that he should abundantly promote the Lord’s goodness and, at His guidance, wrote about our duty to do so as well. We know that demons strive to prevent the preaching of God’s promises, trying to convince the Christian that the evil that afflicted him is very different from the others and, therefore, the Most High will not heal him. The evil one is deceitful!

The goodness of the Almighty is unending, just as He is. As long as you listen to the enemy, your faith will be insufficient to refuse to believe in him and place your trust in the heavenly Father. Many of God’s children err, because they fail to perceive that the divine answer will only come if they have faith and confess their sins. It is good to stay alert and pray!

Never allow the devil close your mouth to the truth and open it to tell lies. You have countless reasons to say that the Lord God is good at all times. This is so good, because, besides glorifying Him, it serves as a spiritual vitamin to strengthen us on our journey. This must be announced for everyone to hear.

When the Lord’s righteousness compels us to celebrate His accomplishments in our lives, we will use praise to get rid of hellish actions and rejoice. We have been freed from the oppression that is everywhere. God commands us to resist the devil, assuring that he will flee from us (James 4:7). Don’t be resentful if things don’t go as you would like. Certainly, the Father is teaching you something.

One of the enemy’s tricks is to try to separate us from the Lord with filthy thoughts, for God not to hear us. As soon as they begin to prosper, many people are reminded by the enemy of something bad. Then, they are filled with bitterness and move away from the holy presence. Now, one of the secrets to overcome all of that is to sing about the righteousness of the Most High. Flee, flee and flee from sin, glorifying God!

Use your authority in Christ as a celebration of what He bought on the cross for those who believe His Word. Always rebuke any sinful ideas, illnesses that arise in your body or something wrong within your heart. If you are right with the Lord, you will never stumble!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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O beloved Father! Thank You for warning us of the devil's plans and making us aware that we must speak, with Your help, of Your goodness. May everyone learn about it!

Your commandments must be fully kept for Your praise. As for what we must to do, we know that the Holy Spirit will guide us until we lack nothing. Hallelujah!

Besides, we must sing Your righteousness, joyfully celebrating this blessing conquered and given by Your Son. You are simply wonderful in every aspect. Therefore, we give You due place in our life. Amen!


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