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They cried out, but there was none to save; Even to the Lord, but He did not answer them.  Psalm 18:41

Make no mistake about the wicked one´s ability to deceive, for when things gets tough he despairs and promises what he can never fulfill. When David used his power to dominate his opponents, who were symbols of demons, they cried for help and even still failed. When someone is about to be delivered, the devil may cry, ask you not to cast him out or propose you a deal.

The Bible forbids us to make pacts with the evil forces. If we sin – transgress – we will no longer have the Lord on our side. This attitude leads us to be in agreement with the evil one. Make no mistake about the “weeping” of demons, for, as in David’s day, we should not help them. God controls everything as we struggle to set free one who is  oppressed one. Be firm in the holy Word!

The devil is so cunning that he cried out to God. Opponents must have promised everything the hypocritical mind plans and the liar’s mouth speaks, but God didn´t fall for their strategies. Always refer to the Word, because it will never lead anyone to misunderstand it. When we look at the Holy Book, we see the divine testimony about a certain topic. Watch and pray!

Everyone would do better if they didn’t talk to the devil, because he is harmful. In any matter, the devil contaminates that person talking to him. When we are delivering someone and demanding that the spirit speaks it´s name and what they have received to oppress such a life, we do it for people to see the evil done when a person seeks darkness or fears them. This must only be done by those who have experience in deliverance.

Never make up doctrines based on the words of the devil. In a split second, he can make up a story that will separate you from Christ and greatly damage your life if you believe in it. The verse states that the Lord has not listened to his enemies. Now, He does not speak to those in sin. And if the devil converts, God will not forgive him. The devil was an angel and knew what he was doing; his mistake is irreversible!

Irreversible will also be the position of the person condemned to remain in the lake of fire and brimstone. They were assisted by the Holy Spirit and would not return to God. In eternal torment, they will never have the opportunity to repent. Seek to give your heart to Jesus as soon as possible. Thus, you will be received in the Kingdom of Heaven.

When we are walking in God’s ways, we should pay no attention to others but to the Word. The adversaries cried, but found no help. Jesus came to save humanity. He paid the price of redemption, and today those who accept Him as Savior and Lord receive the power to be made children of God (John 1:12). 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God! What a blessed message You give us in this verse. We will fear nothing if we have You with us. Today we may cry for help, but this is not necessary, for You have given us the authority to do Your work as Jesus taught.

Help us always to remain connected to You, so as not to give the devil the attention he would like to get. Now, he tries to hook us up with his lies. We want Your love and always be in fellowship with You.

We are Your servants and we are on Your path. We will give no attention to anyone, but will use power to subdue the demons and destroy their work in the lives of people who do not know You. Thank You for your mercy!


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