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The highways lie waste, The traveling man ceases. He has broken the covenant, He has despised the cities, He regards no man. Isaiah 33:8

The Assyrians saw that their works were evil when they exhausted the Lord’s patience. Many people, despite belonging to God’s flock, have been carried away by the enemy’s schemes. Thus, in times of crisis, they do what the Scriptures condemn as an act of rebellion, for considering this period a neglect of the Most High. God is good at all times, and if He doesn’t respond, something is wrong in you.

The inhabitants of Assyria were barbarians who did not serve the Lord. However, living peacefully with other people groups is the least they should do. However, they focused on wealth and power. Their lands were fertile, and with bread in abundance, violence filled their hearts. Because of this, they started to think only of themselves. Anxious to maintain the kingdom at any cost, they subjugated the other nations.

Because of this attitude, Assyria saw heavenly wrath pour over its kingdom and empty its roads. During this period, travelers went to other lands to resolve their businesses. Whoever fails to give due glory to God and oppresses the weak will face divine wrath. If things are going well, hold on to the Almighty and be watchful, so that they remain that way; if they are going badly, seek the Lord.

The Almighty loves everyone and only He can make you seek Him with all your heart. This is not a religious war, in which the church tries to win more members. The purpose of preaching the Good News is far from this, as we do not even consider that we have religion, but rather a communion like that of a child with the Father, the Creator. Even though religion is considered good, it is worthless. Jesus is worth a lot!

They had broken the peace treaty which, in the presence of witnesses, they had entered into with various nations. This break was terrible. Now, when someone has no word, he attracts demons to himself. All evil spirits are liars, evil and murderous. Because of these wrong choices, things started to get difficult for the people, and those who were at peace preferred to trade elsewhere.

Whoever does wrong and misses his word loses friends and gains enemies. An individual who fails to fulfill what he promises is a bad element and, for this reason, is avoided socially. Furthermore, as an abyss calls another abyss (Ps 42.7), everything is complicated in your life. Our way of being and treating people will determine what we receive, whether good or bad. Stay alert!

Now, those who understand the Word realizes when he errs, exaggerates or behaves unworthily with someone. Because of this perception, you can recover using the gift of repentance. Before you cry out, examine how you have behaved with people and the Lord. Pray and be right with Him!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh Father! We thank you for what you are and do for us, because we can do nothing without Your help. We live in a world where love for others is getting colder because of the struggle for material goods. May this never happen between us!

Why disrespect others when we are told by You that we will be measured by the measure we use? We have what we give, but we no longer have what we deny to people. We need to go back to first love!

The Covenant made by Jesus between You and us can never be broken; otherwise, demons will work in our lives. May there be interest in salvation so that it may live according to Your good will! We cannot be arrested by the devil.


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