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23/02/2019 - THE ERROR OF ERRORS

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And it will be when you say, ‘Why does the Lord our God do all these things to us?’ then you shall answer them, ‘Just as you have forsaken Me and served foreign gods in your land, so you shall serve aliens in a land that is not yours.’’ Jeremiah 5:19

God can be your friend or act as your enemy. These hypotheses are possible, and one of them will occur according to your attitude toward the Word of God. Those who despise the Lord will be treated in the same way as they treat Him. See if you have failed and then change the way you behave.

The Israelites committed the error of errors: they left behind the Fountain of living waters and hew themselves broken cisterns that can hold no waters (Jeremiah 2:13). One of the signs that you are not well with the Lord is when you forget what He told you through the Scriptures. Now, to stop paying attention to the One who loves you indeed, will actually lead you to live away from Him. Even if you are in a good church and the preacher has been greatly used by the Most High, it will be useless.

You give room to the devil when you think that God always blesses and helps without requiring a holy living of His children. If you are in the presence of the Lord, you will have power to overcome the enemy, for having an open path to act, the Heavenly Father will be an ongoing force in your life, making your adversaries have peace with you.

If you have lived without answers to your requests, it is time to cry out to Heaven and change your behavior. The Scriptures declare that those who walk uprightly will lack nothing (Psalm 84:11). Many live in Zion as sinners, but they know the will of God and when they need prayer, they pray to Him. However, when faced with temptation, they yield to it. Live righteously!

Temptations come from the devil, who walks around people seeking to devour them (1 Peter 5: 8). Many people think that evil spirits are gods. But pay attention: by letting a filthy desire enter into your heart, you make of your soul a deposit of the evil treasure. By becoming a bad person, without God, you begin to serve the devil. When something filthy comes to your mind to satisfy you, you are serving the evil one, who has given you such a “gift.”

This explains why so many saved are subjugated to strange things. Diseases and evils that should never afflict the saints have become masters of their lives. Instead of blessing the Name of the Lord, they people have become murmurs, full of bad intent and all sorts of hellish garbage. Their beds are filled with blemish, which does not glorify the Lord. Ask the Lord to take away the evil treasure from your heart and place the good one!

Go back to serving the Most High. Thus, He will fulfill all His promises in your life. Sin drives man away from the Lord, causing him to suffer the hatred of Satan. Have your heart clean and your desires will be fulfilled (Psalm 37.4). It is worth living with God!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God our Lord! We do not want any harm to happen to us, so we ask for forgiveness for our errors. We have sinned by thoughts, words and deeds. We need to live close to You! Give us the opportunity to serve and love You!

You promised that We would meet you, so we bow at Your feet. We long to receive all that You have promised us; for this, we will serve You and live in communion with You.

We are grateful that You are forgiving and that You have pleasure in our salvation. Send out Your favor and redeem us from the fall, raising us to the height where You can bless us. Remove from us all evil and put in us Your wonderful Holy Spirit. Amen!


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