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O LORD, our Lord, How excellent is Your name in all the earth! Psalm 8:9

King David begins this Psalm by speaking about the excellent Name of Jesus. The psalmist explains that this Name is wonderful, because the Lord placed His glory on the heavens, the firmament, of which He refers in the following verses. Some claim that everything was virtually stopped, because, with Adam´s sin, the divine plan was disrupted. I do not understand this matter so much, so I will comment on the Name whose power defeats evil.

About three centuries after David made this statement, Isaiah announced that a child would be born of a virgin, a fact fulfilled seven centuries later, and would be called Wonderful – Operator of wonders. Before returning to Heaven, Jesus said in prayer that He had manifested the holy Name of God to the men of the world which the Father had given Him. So they would keep the Word (John 17: 6).

In verse 6 of this Psalm, the king explains that the Most High had given man dominion over the works of His hands, and had put everything under his feet. Sometimes David mentions things that are known, and at other times events to come. But the Apostle Paul said that God will soon crush Satan under our feet (Romans 16:20) – by authority given by the Lord.

Christ used the holy Name to cast out devils and heal the sick. In doing so, He also taught us to rebuke the forces of evil. Before returning to Heaven, the Master exemplified the signs that would follow those who believed in Him (Mark 16:17). Today, unfortunately, some Christians do not preach the Gospel nor use the Name of Jesus as they should, thus, disobeying God.

Perhaps you are like some Christians who, instead of rebuking evil, seek pastors and other workers for prayer. Now, if he who believes has authority to cast out devils, and heal the sick, why don´t you command darkness to get out of your life? This right belongs to you, even if you do not feel this way. 

We just need to believe. So, if God’s love wants us to see or feel how powerful this Name is, we will feel it. The important thing is to heal the sick, delivered the oppressed, and overcome the struggles against evil deeds. Notice that people have begun to keep the Word with the revelation of the Name of God (John 17: 6).

With this Wonderful Name, you will succeed in faith and never lose any battle for the devil. When they realize your success, your relatives will not only act like you, but they will also keep the Word of God, which will save them from eternal damnation.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! We will not miss anymore the opportunity to praise You, using Your Name at all times. Now, we can truly worship You; with this, we will be free from all suffering!

Let our example be followed by many and in many places. May the people in trouble come to You to be healed and delivered from evil.  Thus, we will glorify You as we should! 

We have to do the same as You did here. We know the secret is to use Your infallible and wonderful Name. With this, people will keep Your Word and be saved from perdition. Amen!


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