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Is this not the fast that I have chosen: To loose the bonds of wickedness,To undo the heavy burdens,To let the oppressed go free,And that you break every yoke?  Isaiah 58.6

The Lord speaks clearly about the fasting that gives Him the freedom to use us in His work. He who meditates on this truth and quickly learns it soon puts it into action and certainly obtains divine favor. Since the Most High is good and perfect in His actions, He gives us the safe guidance to overcome any evil.

The fasting chosen by God is designed to loosen the bonds of wickedness and have us do the divine work as He would. The wicked forces have been cowardly rising up against the saints. Taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of many Christians – their own fault – evil invests against them and leads them to various sufferings and defeat.

The number of people caught in the ropes of injustice is not small, from where they will never leave unless we take action. Now, when commanding us to do something, the Father gives us the power to accomplish such a mission. Oh! If God’s people truly believed in the Almighty and placed their lives, strengths, and other granted attributes into action, the captives would be set free completely.

Most of the saved are bound to wickedness, without claiming their rights in Christ. The devil has made many slaves of those called to fulfill the divine plan. It’s amazing how the demons who led astray the Israelites in the past from serving the Lord continue to do the same today, leading to error those who are authorized to act in the Name of Jesus! Mercy!

The yoke of the evil one has tied many people to his lies. Thus, thousands of God’s children live in distress, unable to open their mouths and fulfill what the Most High has said about them. We are allowed to fast to deliver those captives to Satan from his wicked work that subdues the holy people. Permission has already been granted to us! Let’s do the right fasting?

The Omnipotent’s purpose in calling us to consecrate ourselves in the right way is to deliver the brokenhearted from the devil’s lie. Men should never be fooled by the enemy’s lies. Those who were called were given the authority to destroy all evil intent. Jesus was sent by the Father to undo all that the king of wickedness did here (1 John 3: 8), and the Lord sent us to do the same (John 20:21).

We cannot compromise or transgress; otherwise we will be punished by the Savior. Once He has given us the same mission, we must fulfill it: to tear break all yoke. We will do so in the Name of Jesus!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! It is rewarding to hear from You about the true fasting; thus, we can get it right in this consecration that brings us real rewards. Your work needs faithful servants. Thank You, friend!

We want to break the flesh and bring the oppressed out of captivity. With Your help we will never give up or agree with the devil, leaving some in his clutches, but we will fulfill Your orders!

Today, with joy, as we feel that the flesh is dominating us, we break it with fasting. Then Your power works again in us, and we can give the oppressed the promised deliverance. Your work is great!


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