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The king of Arad, the Canaanite, who dwelt in the South, heard that Israel was coming on the road to Atharim. Then he fought against Israel and took some of them prisoners.  Numbers 21:1

Israel was of God and had already perceived the wickedness of the people. When Israel saw Amalek come with his fury and the battle was won only because Moses was in prayer with his hands raised, Israel realized that the Lord was with them. Without warning, the Canaanites came with all their might to destroy them, but the Most High proved that He neither slumbers nor sleeps,  and gave victory to those who loved Him (Psalm 121: 4)!

The Canaanites heard that the Israelites were coming through the way of the spies and feared. However, instead of holding hands with whom God loved, they went from behind and attacked the Lord’s people, taking captive some Israelites. The king of Arad did not consider the strength of those who are guarded by the Most High; thus, he was completely defeated. This proved that God protects His own. All glory belongs to the Lord! 

When we suffer a loss, we must make a vow to God. Evil attacks us when we are not paying attention to the Word, so, a consecration will lift us up. At this moment, it is necessary to pay attention to the Most High´s statements related to those who seek Him, because, in addition to being simple, they will solve the loss suffered. Strive to walk with the Lord, leaving no room for the enemy.

The Israelites did not want a simple victory over Arad, but something that would put to an end any doubt that God protected them. They said the Canaanites would be utterly destroyed if they were delivered into their hands. God answered this request, and they kept their word. It is important to note that the vow made to the Lord must be fulfilled. Only He has the power to lift up and bring down!

We cannot accept “half victory”, but a work that no one will doubt that we are the chosen people, possession of the Lord. If you do not eradicate the enemy from your life, you will face constant battles against the forces of evil. God can do everything as long as we let Him do the work as it should be done. The Lord has the ability to do the same for us today.

God still hears His people´s voice, empowering them to undo the evils of the king of darkness. Therefore, we must be ready to be used by the Most High. No doubt all that He has done in the past for those who believed in Him is a sign of what He wants to do today. Let us believe in the Lord so that the enemy will never attack or disturb us again. To God be all glory today and forever!

Whoever fulfills the vow will see that God is pleased with them, and when new challenges come, the Almighty will be by their side to give them the victory. The Lord is our strength, and we cannot forsake that. With Him, we will never be defeated!

In Christ, with love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We are Your people and we do not give up on  that. Instead of giving someone a chance to help us - which they certainly won't do - we give You the right to go before us and use us as You wish. To You be all glory!

We want to obey Jesus´ command to go, carrying the message across the globe. Your favor, no doubt, is upon our lives, for we have been called for this very moment. May evil be eradicated from everyone's life.

We do not accept being humiliated or defeated for serving You. It is impossible for the enemy to block the Church´s progress. Therefore, we ask for wisdom for all our brothers all over the world, so that Your Name never be embarrassed!


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