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Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? Behold and seeIf there is any sorrow like my sorrow,Which has been brought on me, Which the Lord has inflictedIn the day of His fierce anger. Lamentations 1:12

The pain of some Israelites led into captivity was great. But even though they had not sinned like the others, they were forced to go to a foreign land. These people were not yet saved. Today, whoever accepts Jesus as his Savior is delivered from eternal damnation because He has paid the price of our ransom. On Christ’s return, whoever is without the sinful mark upon himself will be destined for the Kingdom of Heaven. Convert now!

Although we pass by the way of all the earth, we must ignore the devil´s offers.  The saved will be among the group of blessed ones, who will be at the right hand of the Son of God. However, others had the opportunity to receive salvation but rejected it. Therefore, they will go towards the lake of fire and sulfur. It’s best if you to take care of yourself!

Even knowing of the future fulfillment of the biblical promises, the rebels disdained the following fact: they would be taken into Babylonian captivity. Many do not believe the coming Judgment, but when they contemplate the glorious return of Jesus, they will despair. As with the Israelites who remained in disobedience, whoever does not surrender to the Truth will discover that the future pain will be great.

Be moved by the pain you will feel if you continue in rebellion and turn back to God; after all, He is merciful and good to forgive (Isaiah 55:7). Past events have been repeating with many people today. Now, this should move those who have not yet prepared for the day of darkness and suffering. Until that time comes, try to amend with those you have sinned against, because then it will be useless to repent. Seek peace!

He who has good judgment must examine himself and see if there is greater pain than to be cast into darkness, where the devil will be tormented day and night, as well as those who have not gotten right with the Lord (Revelation 20:10). Why leave it for the last minute, if now is the right time, while He still forgives sinners, failing to take into account the past mistakes? Make your decision right now because you don’t know your time to leave.

The Most High would not say anything to frighten the lost. He is not like man who plays with people. Divine promises will be fulfilled despite the disbelief of many. When the day comes, they will see that absolutely everything will come to pass. No one has ever experienced pain like eternal perdition. Judah’s suffering in Babylon for 70 years does not compare with suffering in Hell.

Jeremiah was saddened by the Lord at the little reckoning He had with His people, calling it divine wrath. Those who do not believe in God must prepare themselves: Judgment will be the true day of wrath of the Lord.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! What a tragedy! Though they felt Your call, millions have not prepared or believed in You; therefore, they will be commanded to march to perdition and despair with their fate. Mercy!

Help us to be moved by the fate of the lost, for we have done almost nothing for them. If Christ returned today, many people would be condemned to Hell. Father, that is so insane! They will never again have a chance to be saved!

We have to show that eternal suffering cannot be compared to what man has seen. When the last trumpet sounds, there will be no chance for repentance. We ask for mercy!


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