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And the high priest stood up in the midst and asked Jesus, saying, “Do You answer nothing? What is it these men testify against You? Mark 14.60

The high priest knew that the witnesses against Jesus were lying, and this disturbed him, because his desire was to condemn the Son of God to death. Seeing that his will would not be clearly fulfilled – since Jesus never failed to speak the truth – he tried to intimidate Him into stumbling over some statement and be condemned. Poor life! He sought an error in the Truth, but it was impossible.

In his wrong way of seeing things, that authority was fighting against the conviction of the Spirit of God, who was showing him the reality. His purpose was to put the Master in his false judgment, but as expected – Jesus didn’t fall for his deception during the trial. Everything that originates in error bothers the one who accepts and uses something he knows to be a lie the most. The Creator has never and will never stumble at any statement. He is the Light!

Certainly, Christ’s attitude upon hearing the drivel said about Him caused the leaders of that council to be demoralized. Many times, the innocent ones are condemned because of the convenience of a judge; this has been happening nowadays. Depending on who brings the accusation, the magistrate has objectives to ascend to higher positions, as it happens when the demand against someone is made for some evil. Pray!

Everyone should learn to walk with God, see all that He shows, and act according to His teachings. Otherwise, you will deny righteousness. In His Word, the Lord instructs us not to fear anyone in judgment (Romans 13.3), even if we are condemned without owing anything. Greed is the basis of a vicious and filthy judgment. But the righteous man remains serene, even though he is condemned to pay for what he does not owe!

In fact, the high priest could not even conduct that trial. If he had prayed to the Lord, he would be guided in a true way. During the days when Christ was doing the Father’s will, the Jewish authority knew that the Master’s actions were God at work, but they would not yield. The claim that they did not know what was right was not convincing. Now, divine justice enlightens those who are in the position to carry it out; other interests cause the judgment to be vitiated.

In the world, many Christians lie and betray the leadership of the church. After a while, they no longer feel God’s touch to make them repent, because something like a crust has been created in them that has hardened their consciences. Then they no longer care what they will say at the Judgment. Poor lives! They could have a happy fate, if only they would let the fear of the Lord be the Arbiter in their hearts. Follow the guidance of the Most High, and you will be happy.

Why walk outside the Lord´s presence? There is only anguish and pain in the world. Surrender to your heavenly Father, for there is hope for you. Whoever postpones this decision will discover that it is too late, and then will march into Judgment to be condemned. Never allow yourself to be pressured by anyone. After all, you know where you have transgressed. God is waiting for you now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our Teacher! In the pages of Your book, there are all kinds of messages for us to always be close to You. But, unfortunately, some harden their hearts because of sin and do not repent. Mercy on such people! Their fate will be terrible!

We cannot let anyone "force the issue", leading us to talk about what You have not given us. A mistake made and not confessed will lead its author to make the most foolish decisions. The person who stops listening to Your Holy Spirit will not be saved!

Use us to intercede for those who are weak in faith, for they have been taken over by sin and have lost their way in wickedness. We cannot go against the grain, but - proceed according to Your guidance! You do more than we ask or think. Amen! 


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