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I will lay it waste; It shall not be pruned or dug, but there shall come up briers and thorns. I will also command the clouds that they rain no rain on it.”  Isaiah 5.6

The Lord warns that the beloved will become the forsaken one, because they did not live up to what was planned until their edification as His vineyard. It is repulsive in God’s eyes that you despise your potential and live outside of the perfect purpose coming from His heart. Therefore, many unpleasant things will happen. If you don’t return to the feet of Christ, asking forgiveness and making amends for your mistake, you will live continuous defeats until the final death at the Lord’s return (Revelation 3.1-3).

God declares that the vineyard will be turned into a desert. This shows that there will be a succession of bad news concerning it. Now, the heavenly virtues which guaranteed it a glorious future will no longer be seen in it. As a rule, in the desert, nothing pleasant or profitable is found for someone who is lost. That person doesn’t know where they are and doesn’t know how to get out of there. This is very sad! Would the Most High make His vineyard the favorite of His eyes? It represents the Church, and we are the Church in particular. 

Every plantation goes through pruning to become fertile again at the right time. The rebellious vine will not be pruned – there will be no resurgence of life to it. It is like the sin against the Holy Spirit: once committed, there is no forgiveness (Matthew 12.31). God knows how to bring His beloved to repentance, which, with pruning, will again produce the reason for its existence: to please the Owner. If you are rebuked, rejoice, for this means that the Father loves you (Hebrews 12.4-11).

The wine grower digs around the fruit plants and deposits good nutrients there, which will do them tremendous good (Luke 13.8). As a result, the production increases greatly. However, when the vineyard/church rebels, doesn’t show interest in the good of the lost, and stops evangelizing them, it loses support from Heaven. Therefore, it will wither away and few people will remain in it. The place where no one else converts will disappear with the death of those who remain.

The appearance of briers and thorns (strange doctrines) in the vineyard demonstrates that worldliness has taken root in it. Then, instead of good fruit, scandals appear (2 Timothy 4.3,4). This occurs where those who live contrary to the commandments – considered old-fashioned to them – are raised to ministers. Even the lost pity such a situation, for it is inconceivable that there are vines to be used by the devil.

Disastrously, they drag along with them millions of people who have never known the Lord nor have the touch of heaven, so they should never be members of the Father’s house (1 Timothy 3.15). What is worse is that they are considered to be representatives of God, who is love. Now, this house will not be known as a place of change, where one is born again to the holy manifestation of the true children of the Most High. Briers and thorns harm the vineyard!

Some try to revitalize it, promoting prayers, vigils and “revival” meetings, but all in vain, because once abandoned by the Lord, nothing will change that which was Heaven’s priority. Those who attend its services seem to have never met the Life-Changer, and each day they act worse than before. After all, such meetings may have the “divine” form, but there is no power.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of good teaching! Though the rebellious vine has taken other paths, Your gift remains the same. That part of the cluster of vines got lost, but there are those who give You due praise. We want to be part of Your beautiful and wonderful plan!

We must live Your fullness, for You have the best for those who love and serve You. To fail to do Your will, by changing our mission, is a diabolical deception. Confirm Your order and Your love for the lost through us. We are Your vineyard that has not denied You!

We have not yet fully acted within Your purpose, but our fear of You makes us Your appointed people to accomplish what pleases You - the salvation of the lost. With Your instruction, guided by Your eyes, we will honor You. Thank You, Father!


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