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Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew thegift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.” John 4:10

We need to know God’s gift to be successful in all things, both concerning ourselves and others. The Lord’s teachings are the key to solving doubts and problems, leading as many people as possible to become His servants. The divine gift is the great discovery to be made by them.

The exchange would be interesting for that woman. The Master asked her for water from Jacob’s well, but He had the true Water. If she were a doctor and was practicing, perhaps the Lord would start the conversation by telling her how she could take care of Him or anyone else. Suddenly, Jesus would end up showing that He had the living medicine, capable of healing the origin of the disease and not allowing evil to come back.

Likewise, the Lord would act like any professional doing his work. Jesus is the solution to man’s problems, but is it possible to get rid of them, or rave about faith in Christ? We cannot accuse our ancestors of not knowing the secret that made the Master and His disciples work so many wonders and have bequeathed us a dead faith.

It is essential that we know God´s gift, Jesus, and not mix Him with the doctrines of the churches. The Savior spoke very clearly about His actions, declaring that He first saw the Father do and then brought it to our reality (John 5:19). We do little for the divine work for lack of fellowship with God or ignorance of the revelation of Scriptures about the Master’s works. We must believe for them to become real to us.

Jesus told that woman that knowing the gift of God would be enough to ask for the Living Water. By extension, we can ask God for healing, peace, prosperity, personal fulfillment, and other blessings. Is this really true? Yes. It is the absolute truth. Have we considered the Savior as Lord, or our servant? He is our Master and Lord.

King David felt how good it was to live in God´s house all the days of his life and said that he would seek this blessing because he wanted to contemplate the beauty of the Most High (Psalm 27:4). Undoubtedly, anyone who has such a desire and is granted will live far better than all of us and will be of great value to humanity. He who understands divine will and practices it becomes a blessing to others.

Are we willing to cry out to God for the right to live in His house? The first answer we give is yes. But have we dedicated our lives to Him and sought His will in the Scriptures? To live in His house is to live within His Word, being molded by Him to please Him. How about we start now?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares           

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Lord! We long to know Your gift, as Jesus said, to find the Living Water, the ultimate healing, the deliverance that will make the enemy never touch us!

Accept our request to live in Your house, to behold Your beauty and Your ability to perform miracles. Then there will be no work of the enemy in us. We want to do Your perfect will!

Because we do not know Your gift, we often do not ask for what is necessary to live. As a result, we face problems that challenge our ability to believe in You. Father, we must please You. Amen!


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