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28/01/2023 - THE GOOD MEMORY

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Look to Abraham your father, and to Sarah who bore you; for I called him alone, and blessed him and increased him. Isaiah 51.2

How many couples spend years together and die without offspring! So it would be with Abraham, the ancestor of the Israelites and by extension of the Savior, according to the flesh. However, he knew how to listen to God’s voice, who called him to leave his family and go to a land that would be shown to him (Genesis 12.1). If he had despised such a call, no one would have known about him, who lived amongst us and paid attention to the Lord. Through him, we have all been blessed (Galatians 3.8,9)

The Lord exhorts us to examine Abraham’s attitudes, for he did no work to deserve his mission, he only believed in the Most High: But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness (Romans 4.5). He lived in a region where demon worshiping was increasing, and this revolted him. Faced with this circumstance, God called him to the work of rescuing humanity. No one knows the Lord’s plan for his life until they believe in His revelations!

Four thousand years ago, with no roads and no protection from the authorities, Abraham headed to a land that would be shown to him. He did this because he believed, and his attitude of faith made him someone special. According to the Scriptures, before the move, this servant of the Lord was already rich (Genesis 12.5; 24.34,35). He took his wife, who, despite holding such beauty that caused envy and lust, was barren (Genesis 11.30). Both would have died without leaving any offspring if they had not obeyed the Lord.

The patriarch’s character is exemplary, and his obedience towards God is a lesson for us, for he never questioned anything. Whoever believes in the Lord follows His orders. Those who let themselves be led by man’s security, on the other hand, lose the wonderful opportunity to succeed in everything. Abraham could have abandoned Sarah, or married another woman to bear him children, because that was customary at the time, but he believed and feared God!

Whoever has faith in God, even in the face of trials, never lets the enemy rob them of the chance to taste divine love, of the Lord’s protection. The weak in character make all kinds of mistakes, and then realize that they sold their eternal riches, which would have been given to them if they had stood firm in their faith and in obedience to their Creator, for nothing. What will they do when the forces of evil try to destroy them?

Abraham and Sarah went on their way. He raised Lot, the son of his deceased brother, who later proved to be greedy (Genesis 13.1-13). Follow God’s guidance and examine the life of this friend of God, who was called to be a blessing. No one knows the Father’s plans until the Day of reckoning comes. Serve the Lord without coveting anything, believing that He has provided you with the best. Never forsake your mission!

The barren woman gave birth to a calm man, Isaac, who in turn begot Jacob, who wrestled with God and prevailed (Read Genesis 32). Their offspring has been a blessing to mankind, for it has given the world wise professionals, who help thousands of lives to live better. None of this would have happened if Abraham had not believed in the Most High.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, who chooses us! Why did You reveal Yourself to me, a boy born in the countryside of the state of Espírito Santo? I know that one day I will receive the answer to this mystery. There are people also praying with me now, and they will be happy on the Great Day. Thank You for loving us!

As we look to Abraham, we see Your great love for all who rebel against sin, such as lying and demon worship. We want to worship You only, so we beg for Your help. We must write the story planned by You!

May Your love comfort us and make us worthy of the trust and love directed towards those who do not know You and live in iniquity. Strengthen the lost to come to You and get right. Let no one refuse Your invitation; otherwise, they will suffer eternally.


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