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Then I will give you rain in its season, the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. Leviticus 26.4

Society is full of philosophies that help us understand science in its various forms. This comes from God and it´s good! However, man needs to know the Creator of the Universe, who is always ready to give him the Water and the Bread of Life. We are the channels for the Lord to quench the thirst and hunger of humanity for Truth (John 4.14), and the light of the world capable of enlightening all people! (Matthew 5.14).

Jesus was the one who said this, but, unfortunately, the majority ignores the testimony to be given to the lost, freeing them from the chains that bind them to the lowest and most terrible sins. Whoever descends to the worldly level lives far from the divine will. Therefore, he will not be an instrument in the hands of the Most High in the restoration of souls, because he lives in the practices condemned by the Scriptures. Be alert! 

If the Christian consecrates himself, and the church is at the feet of Christ and away from the works of the enemy, the rain of God will be poured down and make the “earth,” the Gospel, known and held as Heaven’s Answer to the cries of the afflicted (2 Chronicles. 7:14). Those who think that the Lord is late in coming and begin to get drunk and sin will not be used by the Holy God. He wants His servants to be holy too (1 Peter 1.16).

Some get drunk on alcohol; others, on philosophies, and many – on the pleasure of owning nice cars, beautiful houses and living in luxury that doesn’t match the actions of our brothers of the past. They had neither gold nor silver, but they had the power to make the paralytic stand up and walk (Acts 3:1-8). The area where we have gone wrong should be one of the targets of our prayers, because something very serious is happening to us.

Those who follow the divine statutes are different from those who walk according to the production and sale of the refined things, created by the brands. They behave like the Christians of the first century, the true servants of the Lord, who will shake the world today and take to the lost the sound doctrine, which no one will take away from them – except sin – and will cause them to be filled with blessings. The challenge is to do like Jesus!

Turn to the simple and powerful Gospel demonstrated by the Master, and you will see that it is the same one He told us to preach. It is better to sit on the floor, at Christ’s feet, as Mary did, than to have leather armchairs and watch people come and go without being touched by the Word (Luke 10.39). This is not what Jesus told us to do. He wants to give rain at the right time, and that time will come when we have found the Lord. So, at the opening of our mouth, it will rain a lot!

The Gospel has something new intended for the suffering person who desires to be set free. In preaching the Truth, we discover the power of God. We don’t have to change anything, but give the oppressed the opportunity to bow before the sovereignty of the Most High. May we be used by Him as He pleases. The trees of the field shall yield their precious fruit.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, Guarantor of subsistence! With Your rains, the harvest will be enough to feed our people and the inhabitants of other parts of the planet, who still don't know You, nor how much they are losing without You.

May the rains also be in the domain of Your Spirit! In this way we will have water and bread in the right measure, for we need to quench our thirst for You, to feed on the heavenly Bread that strengthens us and prepares us for great works in Christ.

The trees in the mission field will also bear fruit, and we will see Your glory and Your love revealed in those who have not yet heard of Jesus. As people respond to the Gospel, the world will see Your powerful work!


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