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The burden against the beasts of the South. Through a land of trouble and anguish, from which came the lioness and lion, the viper and fiery flying serpent, they will carry their riches on the backs of young donkeys, and their treasures on the humps of camels, to a people who shall not profit.    Isaiah 30.6

Isaiah predicted the impending oppression over Israel and the attempted escape of those who would flee from the king of Babylon to Egypt for safety. By not respecting the Word of the Lord, they would attempt to flee from Nebuchadnezzar. When a person is not right with God and feels that the time has come to pay for his stubbornness, he looks for any place to take his treasure, just as it happened in those days with the Israelites. It’s necessary to get right in faith!

Even the beasts of southern Israel would suffer when the sons of Jacob went to those who could not even help them. Now, when the enemy comes like torrents of water, sweeping away whatever he finds in front of him, the right thing to do is not to panic, but to seek the right direction on God’s side. Why do people leave the path of righteousness and look for support in some nation that cannot even protect itself from evil?

The Lord used the prophet about a century before it all happened, in order to warn them of the mistake they would be making. The great country in the North Africa meant a land of trouble and distress, not of salvation. It is sad to see lukewarm Christians, not serving God, the Almighty and only Lord. In times of peace, they would do whatever the rotting flesh asked of them, and because of this, they would run away wasting their wealth.

They should have sought Egypt with God’s servants, so that the Egyptian people, who had mistreated them in the past, would know the Lord, who led them to victory. However, they grew to despise the One who had always taken care of them. In fact, it was not Egypt that they sought, but the gods worshipped in that nation. These were the subjects of mockery, through the plagues during Moses’ days (read Exodus, chapter 7 to 12). Only the Most High is God!

After years in Canaan serving the Almighty and being served by Him, the Israelites became enamored with the idols of that people. Isaiah prophesied that the land was full of lionesses, lions, basilisks, and flying serpents – ferocious beasts that destroy whoever they meet. However, they decided to take a risk to see if it was so, and they did, since they did not bow down before the Lord in order to be helped by Him!

The result of the people not seeking the Source of the power of good was failure and everything else that alarmed them with the news that Nebuchadnezzar was going there. It is quite unpleasant to see those protected by God fleeing like rats. On the other hand, to see them resisting in prayer and in divine power – gives us joy, for they will have victory!

Those who trust in the Lord do not live in fear, nor do they bow their heads to those defeated by Jesus. We are the people destined to overcome (2 Corinthians 2.14). It doesn’t matter what evil has struck you, but how you will act when facing such a threat. In God, there is complete freedom!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of our salvation! Why rush to get where there is no peace and no safety? We want to run towards You. With You there is more than we need or ask for. We know the right direction to seek Your protection!

Why should we flee to the land of trouble (where the lioness, the lion, the basilisk and the fiery flying serpent come from), if we are sheltered in You? You are our home, our dwelling place, so we will not despair. In You we shall overcome!

We will not put our possessions on the backs of colts, and on the humps of camels our treasure - to hand over to a people unable to help us. We are in covenant with the Almighty. We love You!


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