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But He kept silent and answered nothing. Again, the high priest asked Him, saying to Him, “Are You the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?” Mark 14.61

There is no price to live the Truth, even if it is death. Knowing God´s will and not willing to carry it out is the worst thing that can happen to us. Not fulfilling the plans of the Most High because we don’t know them will not free anyone from condemnation. It is not good to refuse to obey the divine orders for some futile reason. Surely, we will give an account of what we have or haven’t done with the revelations received. Do not despise the Lord!

In his desperation, the high priest asked Jesus again, to see if He would answer what the people were saying about Him, but the Master’s silence bothered him. In fact, he already had the answer to his question: Are you the Christ, Son of the blessed God? The question is: Why didn’t the Jews believe the testimony of the Son of God, if His works said who He was? In our days, there are some who act just like the people of that time!

The high priest was in trouble, for he and his peers knew that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the blessed God, and had no idea how to proceed. After all, they had determined that if anyone confessed such truth, he had to die. These authorities spoke in the Name of God, but acted in the name of hatred, which certainly does not come from the Lord. Why did they allow themselves to be led astray when they knew that the promised Messiah had come according to the Scriptures?

All the members of the council knew this. Jesus claimed that His works testified to who He was. However, man always clings to transitory things, of small value, instead of recognizing how privileged he is to know God’s plan for his life. Again, why not surrender to the Creator and live in the hope of eternal life? Well, life in Heaven will be forever. Be alert!

Now, how many individuals live in that same dilemma, not knowing what to do? As much as they want to deny the Truth, they are aware of what they feel in their hearts. Deceivers only ask questions that never have a good answer. To ignore the Lord and His purpose is foolishness. Now, everything that we are and have comes from God and belongs to Him. The Lord will never give up His purpose. Follow God’s will completely.

One of these days, the last trumpet will sound and Jesus will come in the clouds to gather us (Mark 13.26). At His second coming, He will take us to the Kingdom of Happiness. Those who have accepted Him and persevered in following Him will hear from His lips that they must enter and possess the Kingdom that has been prepared for them from the beginning of all things (Matthew 25.34). Now, those who do not prepare themselves or decide to live according to the world’s offers, will weep bitterly, because there will be no last-minute repentance. Think about that! 

Watch and pray, so as not to suffer the second death. Nothing is worth more than salvation, but those who are not firm and alert will fall into temptation. In which group are you in? Your attitude towards God’s Word shows what kind of person you are and what you will be in the centuries to come. Turn now to the Lord’s Way, for He will forgive you. Afterwards, it will be too late!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father of the blessed Christ! How sweet it is to be able to live in communion with Your Spirit. Nothing will frighten us! Even if we face tribulations, You will not let us fall. Your rod and Your staff will comfort us. We are not like the members of that council!

We must confess Your Lordship at every moment, bearing true witness to anyone who asks us for the reason for our faith. There is no denying Your mercy, which has made us Your children and elected us in Christ to be Your witnesses!

We want to speak so that the Truth will never be twisted, but rather - confirmed, according to Your purpose. Use us, God! Give us the chance to announce Your love and to continually live Your grace. We love You and we want to demonstrate this in holy deeds!


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