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In the days of Shamgar, son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the highways were deserted, and the travelers walked along the byways.  Judges 5.6

When a leader does not have a firm hand to lead the people, all those he commands are harmed. This happened in the days of Shamgar, when many walked along the byways. Those who obey God serve the people better than those not committed to the Lord. There has never been a time like this when we can choose what to say and do. Divine justice has been at work where problems need solving. God is with us!

We do not know how long Shamgar was a judge, but some historians put his period together with that of Ehud, when the earth was quiet for 80 years. It is likely that Shamgar was a judge at the end of a period of peace, but we could already see the turmoil returning to Israel. This leads us to believe that he was a weak judge. In the song of Deborah, it is said that the highways were deserted, bringing all kinds of adversity. Without God, the devil is at work!

The choice of who will lead a nation must be made carefully, because people turn away from good and commit violence for whatever reason, as is the case in our days. During a campaign, anyone who lies, promising things that are impossible to fulfill, should not even have run for office. Probably, if elected, this individual will make the homeland his private warehouse, to enrich himself and his own at the expense of all. May God deliver us from those with a bad character!

It was 80 years of peace, but the leader was the same and he was getting older,  so, he may have become distracted and lost the severity required for such a position. When things like this happen, the people are lost and the end is tragic. Not only that, but as the world renews itself with the death and birth of others, some will no longer accept the same treatment as before. Further degradation occurs when the people stop seeking the Lord (Psalm 53:1-4; Romans 1:20-32).

When the good paths, guaranteed by the Word, are not taken, everything goes wrong. God’s appointed paths must always be taken – or evil will take hold of our hearts. It is unacceptable for preachers to stop talking about the Word that rebukes and leads people to walk in a pleasing way – and to accept the fad that deceives everyone. The secret is to know the passage of Isaiah 8:20, so as not to deny the Most High!

Those who once walked in right paths have now gone down twisted paths, full of false doctrines and errors. In the twisted paths, one does not find the counsel of God, only the devil’s lies. Understand: the good man must strive to stand firm in the faith to the end, or he will do things that will bring shame. We must not forsake the Holy Spirit in order to heed the voice of deception. In Christ, we will never be deceived, but victorious (2 Corinthians 2:14)!

Ehud acted rightly, but everything wearies, and without the renewal of understanding nothing works well. Only people nourished by the Scriptures, living within the biblical pattern, can do their best in any area of life. Love the Lord as the Bible teaches, because that is the way to truly love (John 14.23)!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Restorer! Sometimes we listen to many voices, and that is bad. Help us to pay attention only to You. We don't want to alter Your testimony, but submit to the Holy Spirit. We need guidance to do the right thing!

Why didn't Shamgar follow in the footsteps of Ehud, who made the earth live in peace for 80 years? It would have been so good for the people of that time if Shamgar had followed the guidance and footsteps of his ancestors! Father, thank you for loving us!

Without the right guidance, people fall into moral decay. When violence prevails in the streets, even some righteous people act wrongly, exchanging what is right for sin. Mercy!


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