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For what does the Scripture say?“Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.”.   Romans 4:3

The act of believing in God is very important in the life of a christian. Because he accepted Jesus as Savior, he is the only one capable of placing his faith in the Lord. Thus, he obeys Scriptures and is kept safe every step of his journey. Nothing could be better for man than to be well with the Most High, fulfilling His orders, as proof of his love for Him.

To believe in the Lord is to trust His Word, not the letter, which, according to Paul, kills, but in the testimony of the Holy Spirit given to each person regarding what is registered in the Bible. You feel that that message comes from Above, because it enlightens you in such a way as if it was written just for you. So, you know what to say, do and, before the work is finished, you are praising God.

Abraham had no idea where he should go, but, once called, he left for the city whose Builder and Craftsman was God Himself. He walked through several places during this search and never found it here on Earth, because it is in Heaven. During the journey, many good and bad things happened, all were allowed so that the patriarch could find the truth in full. The Lord is our Strength, Reason and Guidance!

When David learned that the Philistines got together and went against him, after being confirmed king of Israel, David got ready to go and meet them, but, since he feared of God, he prayed for guidance. He received confirmation and he went to battle. Stay alert, for an attack may come right after some good news. The Lord-fearing person will never be afraid to seek their rights to confirm them.

King Jehoshaphat was one of the greatest examples of someone who, truly, believed in the Most High. The Ammonites, Moabites and those of the mountain of Seir, plus some Arabs, formed a confederation of nations with many soldiers, that it looked like sand on the beach. The prophet Jahaziel gave him the following message from the Lord: in that battle, they would not have to fight, but only praise God (2 Chronicles 20:17). Then, the king and his people emerged victorious.

The woman with the blood flow felt that she only had to touch Jesus’ garment to be healed, although she knew that the Law of Moses prevented her from doing so. She could have murmured that she had sought healing with many doctors, but to no avail. When you receive God’s guidance, never deviate from what the Holy Spirit tells you.

Christ showed that we must do only what God says. Before Lazarus´tomb, the Master commanded them to remove the stone, having assured the sister of the deceased that he would return to life, and that´s what happened. Do not be afraid to carry out divine orders. Everything He says is the absolute truth. You were born to love the Lord and be fulfilled in life.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our lives! We want to be like Abraham, who believed in You and, therefore, succeeded. Certainly, we will also be victorious whenever we obey You. Therefore, we plead for Your love, grace and mercy.

You found David the son of Jesse, a man after Your heart, and that was enough for him. Through Your Word, he knew that he could count on Your protection, and You could count on His loyalty. Let the same be said of us!

We aim to have attitudes that are imputed to us as righteousness. Open the Scriptures to us that we may carry out our mission wisely. We do not accept to have an inferior life, because we serve You, oh Sovereign of Heaven and Earth!


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