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I knew you in the wilderness, in the land of great drought. Hosea 13.5

The Lord used Hosea to tell Israel how much He loved them. After the Israelites were brought out of the captivity of Egypt, they spent 40 years in the desert, because of their rebellion, to learn how much it is worth to be a servant of the Most High. After all, in that inhospitable environment, where it is practically impossible to live, they lacked nothing. The message is current and is addressed to the Church of Jesus, which has been delivered from a worse captivity, that of the devil. The Bride of Christ should not fear the trials she faces.

In the wilderness, God saw that His people were obedient, as long as they had His valuable and powerful presence. When they sinned, the Hebrews soon discovered that they could not do their own will, but had to return to the arms of the Lord. Only this way were they protected from the evil one. That generation was special, for it was preserved in a wonderful way by the Almighty. There isn´t and there won´t be a better opportunity than to be in the wilderness and be kept by Him.

The Most High is not afraid of difficulties. Being God, He can do whatever is necessary to protect His own. Remember Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego in Babylon, who did not bow to Nebuchadnezzar´s threat. This king, who had defeated God’s people because they were in sin, threatened to burn anyone who did not worship his statue and confess that he was great.

The bonfire was prepared to roast those who refused to bow down to the wickedness of this being who thought himself to be the plenipotentiary of the time. How could God’s servants bow down to any idol, if He had already forbidden this in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20.3-6)? The trial was enormous. If they disobeyed the king, they would be thrown into the furnace!

The three true servants of the Lord were not intimidated – since they had already decided that the idols would never receive any greetings from their mouths. The moment was very difficult, but for those who are children of God, the threats of the devil’s subjects do not bother them. Therefore, they did not transgress the Word. He who is God-fearing thinks differently from the world. But he who yields is burned, and that the three young men would not do.

Not only did God put the Hebrews in the wilderness, but also in a very dry land. The heavenly Father doesn’t need help to rescue those who trust in Him; after all, He is able to act in the worst situations. The three young men were not burned, and Nebuchadnezzar saw that Jehovah (Hebrew: “Lord”) is the true God (Daniel 3:1-30). In the desert, the Israelites did not need water, because God blessed them so much that the water they drank yielded within them.

However, when they sinned, they immediately felt thirsty and turned to the Lord, who made the precious liquid gush out of the stone in great quantities (Deuteronomy 8.15). Water sprouted, from a very dry place. God has not lost His ability, so be content with the place where He has placed you. The day will come when you will need Him, even if you live in a country considered a true paradise. When you need help, just pray and believe in the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father of true wisdom! You know how to guide millions of people in the worst land in the world, bringing those who trust in You to success. The Israelites of those days lacked nothing, neither will those who serve You with all their heart and soul!

Instruct and guide us in the Truth! Nothing of the enemy will take us away from obeying You. We praise You for the chances to believe in You and to do Your will by faith in Your Word. You are our Father!

If we are in the wilderness, You will keep us safe in that time of pain and distress with Your power. If we have plenty, we should share it with those who have nothing. This way, we will prove that we have faith in Your Word. Thank You for being our God!


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