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For all His judgments were before me, And I did not put away His statutes from me. Psalm 18:22

King David listed many things that made God perform a series of great acts during the process that freed him from his enemies. It´s good to study David´s declarations, for he justified these works: The LORD rewarded me according to my righteousness;

According to the cleanness of my hands He has recompensed me (Psalms 18:20). Now, these are the Most High´s guidance for us to be targets of His operations.

David explains that in addition to having performed his righteousness, his love for God’s teachings and his clean hands (he used no argument against his enemy) kept the Lord’s ways (verse 21). Now the Father shows us His ways of working. We have to learn them and use them 

The king declared that he kept God´s judgments – decrees and works – on behalf of mankind. David did not reject them. He understood that the Most High did not speak by chance to reveal His statutes, so David took them seriously and strengthened himself in Him to defeat the forces of evil. Thus, the Almighty was always glorified. Whoever despises the Lord´s Law perishes!

The king of Israel still had two points that made him receive the Lord´s retribution. Now, he never lost a battle, and in writing his secret he did so by divine command. Thus we know that in this way we honor and glorify the holy Name of the Lord. There is no other way to please God than to keep the ways – means – revealed by Him, which He claims to be His, and now are ours as well.

David kept himself from his iniquity. How many times did his heart, which was just like everyone’s, desperately corrupt, encouraged him to act in the flesh and thus do justice according to what he thought was right? However, advice from other people – like Abigail’s, who later became his wife – prevented him from acting wrongly. However, because he did not listen to Joab, David paid a high price (2 Samuel 19).

Seek to do justice according to the Word and your hands clean. Whoever belongs to God understands and hears when the message comes from Him, and then acts according to His ordinances. On the other hand, those not interested in the Holy Spirit´s advice, which are registered in the Word, stumble and never do what pleases the Most High.

Keep the judgments of the Lord before your eyes, keep His ways and do not reject the heavenly statutes. Be sincere before God and tame your corrupt heart. Then, the Father will be next to you in your struggles, seeing your integrity. If you have the Lord in your life, you will not be defeated and you will glorify Him for His magnificent assistance.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We will overcome those who rise up against us, because we have Your judgments before us. To have clean hands causes You to be in the arduous struggles fought by us against darkness, which strive to corrupt us.

We want to walk in Your ways, without departing from You. We need to know the revelations in the Bible more so we do not stumble and fall into error. Help us to give You true praise whenever we win.

Having Your statutes and not rejecting them will bring us success wherever we go. Let us be sincere before You, confessing our weaknesses without paying attention to the enemy. Help us to protect ourselves against iniquities.


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