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Now there was a certain disciple at Damascus named Ananias; and to him the Lord said in a vision, “Ananias.” And he said, “Here I am, Lord.”  Acts 9:10

In Damascus, there was a man with the fear of God in his heart. He, of course, was preparing himself to always be used by the Lord. Whoever receives salvation must constantly pray and read the Word, in order not to fall into the innumerous temptations that happen to everyone. Although most people give in to them, the servant of the Most High must stand before the Father. Thus, nothing will prevent him from being God´s instruments.

According to biblical accounts, this man was not known as someone special, but he had a mission to fulfill. For me, this is a warning from the Heavens: whoever has been prepared to carry out a work, but does not present conditions, will not be called, and someone else will take his place. Now, the Bible speaks of a certain disciple, still unknown to everyone, as the accomplisher of great deeds.

His name was Ananias, which means: Jehovah has been forgiving. As a saved man, he was reached my divine mercy, but to remain like that, he lived at the feet of the Lord. We do not know of another assignment the Lord asked him to do, but his day had come and he was ready and in holiness to be an instrument. Take care of yourself for the best is yet to come! 

Ananias had to be in prayer and full fellowship. So, he had a vision in which God called him. If he had any hidden sins, God´s ears wouldn’t hear any of his cries. Since the Lord doesn’t use anybody who is in sin, Ananias would have lost the blessing if that was his case. When he heard his name, he who never even dreamed with such honor, was ready to obey that command. 

Let´s say that in His lovingkindness, the Omnipotent is preparing for you a specific work like the one Ananias received, but there is hatred against someone or perhaps a sin in your heart. In this case, you will not be used by Him. If you are a disciple of Jesus, why entangle yourself with the cares of this life? Even if temptation seems to be “good” for you, don´t fall for it. Divine mercy is better! 

Jesus called Ananias by his name. Such glory! It wasn´t just a touch in his inner self, but the reward for his faithfulness. Through Ananias, Saul of Tarsus received the fullness of the Holy Spirit, besides being healed of his blindness. Why allow the devil to take over your life, if, not only will you sadden the Lord, but you will also exclude yourself from the divine plan? The servant of the Almighty must be ready to say: “Here I am, Lord!”

It doesn´t matter when your time to fulfill your mission comes; be ready to say, “Yes, Lord!” The damascene didn’t ask for time to prepare himself. As soon as he heard the order, he did what he had to do. It´s good to be diligent to present yourself approved as a worker who does not need to be ashamed of ( 2 Timothy 2:15). God knows on who to call! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the dedicated disciples! May none of those faithful to Jesus be in a bad situation, or in sin, but ready to hear Your command and go out to do Your will. Saul of Tarsus was not the last one You called and enabled!

It was a blessing for that beloved brother to lay hands on Saul, the persecutor, and see him healed of his blindness and filled with the Holy Spirit. You are tremendous in everything You do, for you see Your children prepared to fulfill their calling. 

You have a plan for us, even though, in the eyes of the world, we are considered small. You will do something for us that will resonate in the four corners of the world. Thank You for calling us, saving and enabling us to serve You!


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