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Has a nation ever changed its gods? (Yet they are not gods at all.) But my people have exchanged their glorious God for worthless idols. Jeremiah 2.11

It was very sad for Israel to hear that they made the wrong choice, by exchanging the One who brought them out of Egypt and transported them to Canaan – but because their children stopped serving God, turning to the devil, they paid a high price. The same will happen to anyone who has done the same or worse. The person who forsakes the Way will not be able to return to fellowship with the Lord, and will be lost (2 Peter 2:20-22), if he does not heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Not even among the most deluded pagans, who love false idols, was there anyone who left his gods. But the Israelites replaced the One who guarded them at all times with strange “gods”. It was evil that they disowned their faith in the true God and believe the man-made fallacy. The Lord will receive in peace everyone who repents of the wrongdoings they have committed against Him.

Why choose evil, instead of the Lord; evil, instead of good; misfortune, instead of prosperity? No doubt when this happens it is the work of the devil, who urges people to trust him. As they say, the wide door is “better” than the narrow one. For the world, it may be so, but in the end – the wide way will lead the unwary to eternal damnation. I prefer the narrow gate and the narrow road (Matthew 7:13,14)!

The idols of the nations were never gods, but frauds of Satan to keep the people under his whip. It’s incredible, but many are carried away by what is false, and even under great suffering, they don’t rebel against the deception nor draw near to God, who is the only One capable of forgiving them and giving them eternal life. Unfortunately, many people walk in error, without realizing that they are on the wrong path. This is unfortunate!

The Israelites despised His glory, which was immense and operating in every moment of their lives, and they opted for gods in whom they would never find any advantage. Only a wicked heart can do such a thing. Therefore, never follow the devil’s guidance, because he is a liar in every way (John 8:44). Why continue to sin when you can get right with the eternal Father? Is it worth exchanging good for evil?

There are Christians who consider themselves accomplished when they finish college, thinking that they will fear nothing else. In fact, they have been deceived by the enemy of happiness and sold out to him. That is why they will suffer continually in the lake of fire and brimstone, when they could be in the Heavens of light and love next to the Savior. May God grant us the means to take the wicked out of the adversary’s clutches, leading them to experience how good and loving the Father is!

There is only one remedy for man: to return to the Lord. No one can overcome the works of hell without standing firm on the Rock – Jesus (Matthew 7:24-27). Make your good decision now! Then you will never stumble over the obstacles placed before you by Satan. Your eternal happiness depends only on your attitude. God wants to keep you from evil!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, One True God! Why did Israel decide to break the Covenant You made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Your people didn't realize how wrong they were to exchange You for something that doesn't even exist, and the end of it was very tragic. Help us!

We ask for mercy for those who renounce faith in You and accept theories, which they call science. Whoever does this and does not repent - will be eternally lost. Your Kingdom is long lasting and Your wisdom complete! When Jesus returns, many will mourn. We cannot live away from You! Take us back!

Madness has taken over man, who because he is frustrated by a number of things, prefers to say that he no longer believes in You - but that is only with his mouth. May they all repent and experience Your life!


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