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Although, in fact, it was not Jesus who baptized, but his disciples. John 4:2

What seemed like a mistake became a precious lesson for those who serve God. Not always did the Master do the work personally, but, once He trained His disciples, He commanded them to preach the Word, baptize, cast out demons, and do the other Kingdom-related actions. This is one of the reasons why the leader must be careful in choosing His employees, or he will ruin his reputation and that of the Lord.

It´s good to ask the direction of the Most High in every decision and never rashly say that something has come from Him, because the false statements are lies, and every liar will bitter eternity in the lake of sulfur and fire (Revelation 21:8). When we fail to consult the Omniscient God, we will discover our error. Be careful! Appearances can be deceiving!

Samuel almost damaged the Kingdom of Heaven by saying that David’s older brother was the chosen one. The prophet was enchanted by Eliab´s appearance, who was tall and handsome. Perhaps Samuel saw various gifts in him, then stated that the chosen by the Lord was before the Him. But he was rebuked by God Himself, who said, Do not look at his appearance. David was the eighth son!

Not even Jesse could suppose that his youngest could be the future king of Israel. If the messenger of the Most High had ignored the divine rebuke, we would not have the valuable teachings that this young man left us. David was at the bottom of the list of men, but not of God’s. Being a leader is difficult because decisions must be made under the Father´s guidance. However, we can often go wrong like Samuel.

Joshua was not careful to ask the Almighty whether or not he could make a deal with the people who came from “far away” to ask for protection. Then, he soon gave his word. The Lord said that the wicked are wiser than the children of the Light (Luke 16: 8). Therefore, we cannot give take the word of a broker confirming that we are buying the best property and soon we will see how much it´s value will increase. Consult the Most High to avoid mistakes!

Peter was in the spirit and did not praise “brother” Ananias, who claimed to be giving the entire gain of the sale of a property to the work. Being connected with God, that apostle heard from the Holy Spirit that Ananias was lying. Thus, he caused the fear of the Lord to fall upon those who saw what happened to that liar. A lesson to those who insist on deceiving a servant of God! The Creator will keep us from tripping!

Samson would have fulfilled his mission to free Israel from the hands of the Philistines if he had prayed for the Lord to show him the right woman to marry. However, acting on his own, he harmed himself and the entire nation. He who seeks the Almighty thrives, but he who despises Him is deceived by the devil. Judas was fascinated by the value of the 30 pieces of silver and betrayed the Lord. Don’t act this way!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Omniscient God! We do not want to cause problems to Your work or damage Your plan, but just be in Your presence! Do not move away from us, but draw near to us.

May we never fail to preach the Gospel to every creature, giving everyone the Bread of life, the Word. We have a noble mission and we won’t give up on it. In so doing, we will grow towards the stature of Christ.

We want to train the chosen ones to be disciples of the true Master. Opportunities to receive deliverance must reach all humanity. ThankYou for choosing us! Halleluiah!


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