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And the natives showed us unusual kindness; for they kindled a fire and made us all welcome, because of the rain that was falling and because of the cold. Acts 28:2

We have no reason to discriminate a people, even though the fame of a nation or people be the worst possible.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we have to announce the new life that everyone will have as they come in contact with the Word of God.  We only have to obey  the Lord and go where He leads us.  Then with courage, boldness, wisdom and authority from Heaven, we will see the people bow before the only true God.  He is the greatest.

Paul was being taken prisoner to Rome when a storm almost killed him.  Seeing as the Word of the Omnipotent is always fulfilled, the apostle would be presented to Caesar.  The devil’s efforts to take the life of that servant of God, was to no avail. After all, when divine plan is unfolding, nothing will happen, except that which was determined by the Heavens. That which the Most High declares will take place! 

Today’s natives will also use no little humanity with us.  Following the direction of the Lord, our help will come from where it is least expected.  Because we are His servants we will see unbelievable and impressive happenings in our lives.  The Omnipotent’s control is greater than man can fathom.  Seeing as He can do anything to help us, His precious hand will intervene even to influence and change natural phenomena.  He is tremendous!

The rain that day was opportune, because the so called natives were brought to rescue groups of those that were shipwrecked, which included the apostle.  The Lord’s providence prepared even a snake to bite the hand of Paul.  Seeing the snake hanging by his hand, the natives thought he was a criminal and said that this was divine justice at work (Acts 28:4).  They were expecting that the hand of the apostle would swell or he would die, but since none of this happened they considered him to be a god (v.6).

The fire kindled by the natives not only offset the cold but also attracted that snake so that the divine power could be demonstrated and revealed. Notice that being bitten Paul did not complain, but trusting in God took his hand to the fire with the snake hanging from it.  When the snake could no longer withstand the fire it released itself and fell into the fire.  Most likely it had released all the venom it had into Paul’s body, but nothing happened to him.

The ship they were in ran ashore and with the thrust of the waves was opened; however, as Paul had said there was not one dead to be counted among them.  With the use of wood and other things all were saved, for they had been entrusted to the authority of a servant of God. The heavenly Father would be greatly praised if His sons took care of those that were entrusted to them to be protected!

What the soldiers had thought did not come to pass because of a special prisoner that should be presented to the king of the world in those days.  The man of God is the authority wherever he may be and in any circumstance.  More things were yet to happen on that island because of Paul.

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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God! How could we fear the threats of the devil, if only You have the power to do what You say? We must remember that You have given authority to Your servants to do the same as You do. In Your Name, we bind all works of the devil.

When You help us even the natives are human with us.  In Your favor, there is no one that can do us any harm.  Help us not to suffer injustice from those that know only how to do evil.  At Your urging they will do what is good. 

We know that if we are feeling cold, those who are kept under the mantle of darkness will shelter us.  You thought of the well-being of the apostles and other servants of Yours, warming the hearts of people that do not know You to help them.  Amen!


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