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30/06/2020 - THE LIVING WORD

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Jesus said to him, “Go your way; your son lives.” So the man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him, and he went his way.  John 4:50

The king’s official’s meeting with Jesus came at a critical moment, and that man was left with no choice: either he would insist on the Master and bury his son, or accept the Word of life, and would have him with him until the appointed time of one of them to depart. the eternity. It has always been so: whoever trusted in the Most High won, but who despised Him bittered the loss. Never insist with the Lord; after all, He will not quarrel with man forever (Gen. 6: 3).

At that moment it was right to believe in Jesus; otherwise the boy would die. Think about this when you become aware of the Word. God will never change His attitude, for He speaks the full truth. He is not like the proud, who, even wrong, maintains the wrong posture. The Scriptures will always work, and in them there is victory.

When the Word strikes us, our decision will result in life or death. The king’s servant stood before the divine Word, the Creator of all things, who knew what needed to be done, but had difficulty understanding that the Master did not have to come down to his house for his son to be healed. We often act this way because we do not know the Bible.

That father’s dilemma would end when he saw his son healed or continue for the rest of his life. But he put his hope in Who’s Life, and so Word of life soon worked, though he didn’t know it yet. Trusting in the Lord is the secret of the great works He has done for man. Heavenly Father is love. He and His Word are one and will never lose a fight.

One whose faith is unshakable considers the work done and praises God for it. The officer’s return to his home was assured that the boy lived, and he found him that way. Obeying the Master allowed divine power to perform the miracle. It is easy to comment on this man’s attitude, even condemning him for insistence; But we will only succeed if we pay attention to the Lord.

Meditate on the Scriptures, preparing to be a faithful servant even without receiving God’s call to be a preacher of the Word. Your success and that of your family depends on your decision to follow the teachings of the Most High. Now, not knowing the Truth does not relieve you of guilt, for everyone has an obligation to study the Holy Book. Anyone who claims lack of time to learn to act in any situation will not continue in faith in Christ.

Whoever believes in the Most High will see His glory; otherwise you will be condemned. This goes for any fight. Therefore, it is up to each to examine the Bible and meditate on its revelations. Other than divine direction, nothing can help us succeed. The battle is of the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! The king's official's dilemma ended when he decided to believe the Word of Your Son. We must prepare for similar times. Otherwise we will never be victorious in our walk. Help us get you!

Why should we stop believing in You, causing those in need of our help to be helpless? Your love will make us truly confident in You. We need to enjoy Your goodness in the land of the living.

Let us love you, consider our ways and walk under your protection. We want to see Your joy before our obedience, which will translate into victory and much praise to You. With this, Your good and majestic will will be fulfilled in us!


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