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26/07/2021 - THE LORD ADDS

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Praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved. Acts 2.47

The Church of Christ was not born deficient in power or divine protection. It was the joy of Heaven because it did the Lord´s will. Whoever does the will of the Almighty will be treated well by Him: Jesus answered and said to him, If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him (John 14.23). It is a reward to be a home of the living and working God!

The trial experienced because of the harshness of the heart of the Jews made the converts truly love God. In times of persecution, the zeal of people who love the Father increases, and with that, greater works begin to appear. The saved do not realize how much they are loved by Him, for by having and keeping His commandments, they shut off the devil’s ability to attack and destroy them. God is faithful!

Even under the worst trials, such as scarcity of food and basic things, and knowing the possibility of losing the esteem, even of relatives, our brothers were united in faith in Jesus and served Him with praise and worship. They were not carried away by fear but decided to assert their position in Christ. This way, they could win the battles, for they were wise.

Those who do not mind the threats of evil find that it was easy to be in the trial. That´s because God did not let him be tempted beyond what he could bear; but with the temptation will also make the way of escape (1 Corinthians 10:13). The actions of His children satisfied the Lord, who added the saved to them each day. This increased the number of people to be fed and cared for. For them, such a task was simple, and they performed it full of faith.

The example of the first Christians should be followed by everybody. When a region is awakened to the Gospel, the church must unite and help the new brethren to go all the way, regardless of what they would need. The believers who are victorious in some battles are prepared by the Lord for other battles that they cannot even imagine, but they will result in other gifts. God is the One who fills us with blessings (Proverbs 28:20).

The members of the newly established church in Jerusalem, with the descent of the Holy Spirit and the supernatural operations of the Almighty, despite facing difficulties, didn’t live in misery or beg. With joyful hearts they praised God. The Lord is sufficient to supply your needs, so don’t be afraid to obey Him. Without a doubt, you will be honored and used by Him. God is wonderful!

By worshiping God with all their soul, those brothers fell into the grace of all the people. With that, day after day, God added to the church those who would be redeemed. However, the lost resent such a ministry, because, for them, the enemy is right. Now, that was decided more than two thousand years ago, when Jesus dethroned the devil in His days. Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh, God! May we never cease to worship and serve You properly. May we never allow the devil to invade any area of our lives. Each Christian is part of Your Body, which is indivisible.

When we live praising You, we fall into the grace of the people, and Your work is done as You planned. We cannot become involved with the works of the flesh and any deceit, but rather feel Your continual presence in our being.

May the saved be added to Your Church so that none will be lost. We want to testify of Your goodness and mercy. Work among us the wonders that Jesus worked.


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