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To execute vengeance on the nations, And punishments on the peoples. Psalm 149:7

Writing Psalm 149, the holy author summarized in nine verses the whole biblical doctrine to be known by man in order to please God.  It begins by praising Him and ordering us to sing a new song, because He would renew everything in our favor.  This was the hymn to be sung, with the laud and praise, in the assembly of the saints: the solemn gathering of the saved (v. 1) for His glory.

Israel belonging to God, we are taught to rejoice in our Creator.  The psalmist speaks of the joy that comes from God, not from the hearts of human composers, who often times were not even in communion with the Lord when they composed the hymns. The children of Zion, the Church, would have to exalt in their King, praising His Name with the timbrel and harp (v.3) This way He would be pleased with his people.  Halleluiah!

When we are in God´s presence, we are beautified with salvation (v.4) and with this we are protected from the eyes of the enemy, because there will be heavenly fire surrounding us.  As we are sanctified by the blood of Christ, it is indispensable that we be joyful in glory (v.5) and in our beds – resting in the Lord – sing joyful with jubilee! But we do none of this!

The high praises to God – those anointed that speak of His fetes in our favor – must always be on our lips.  We must take up the two edged sword – piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow (Hebrews 4:12). This means: it separates us from our problems and draws us close to the Word of the Lord.  Following His counsels and advice, the saved will never lose one battle. Glory be to God!

According to the understanding of this Psalm, our mission is to execute vengeance on the nations “colonies of demons” that attack humanity.  Being among them we must not fear and only exert the authority that comes from God, conducting the lost to full and complete deliverance, as well as sending the demons to punishment.  We can use the divine power to paralyze their strategic efforts and deliver the captives free.  The evil kings have to be placed in chains and the hellish authorities in bars of iron.  This is our obligation and duty!

The promises of the Almighty with regards to salvation exacted by the death of Christ in our favor are part of the written sentence.  The devil was divested and stripped of the power that he usurped from Adam in the temptation at Eden.  Now our priority is to execute the written sentence by the blood of Jesus: all is finished, done.  Therefore the Church has to rise and claim their rights in Christ.  If we do nothing, nothing will be done or happen for us!

To execute a right is an honor for those who were received in the Kingdom of Heaven.  The saved that does not have this prerogative will have to account for his failure.  So execute and comply with the noble work left by the Lord for His saints: place the devil in his place.  We are God’s righteous and we must never disobey His express orders. Exercise your authority!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Our God and Father! You are good in revealing what we must do to live well and to please You.  In His days on Earth, Your Son executed all Your orders and in the same way we must do as well.

Help us to take revenge on the nations that during thousands of years have oppressed the human beings.  Due to this, many have lived in sinful manner, without any dignity and with all sorts of suffering.  The Good News is the reason for our fight.

We want to use this honor: deliver our kind from the works of the devil.  As we teach Your message, Your power will be made manifest, and the success will be real and eternal.  The Gentile must learn and know the same Gospel preached by Jesus.


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