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For who is God, except the LORD? And who is a rock, except our God? Psalm 18:31

After describing so many things concerning the Almighty, David says that the Lord and God is the only Rock in Whom we can be edified.  It is good to search the Scriptures concerning God; after all, everything that He is and has belongs to us since we were accepted as His sons and daughters in Christ Jesus.  Therefore, as we learn more and more concerning Him our faith is increased and we are fulfilled in Him. 

There is no neutral in spiritual life: either we are under divine power and control or under the authority of the kingdom of evil.  Those who rebel against the Lord do not know they are being used by the enemy who is determined to destroy them.  To withdraw from believing in the Almighty is simply to give the devil direct access to your life.  Certainly, being cunning and crafty Satan will do everything in his power for you to not believe in his existence or his evil.  Beware! The devil wants to use you throughout eternity. 

When Elijah defied the prophets of Baal and the idol-post on mount Carmel and defeated them, the people of the kingdom of the North, that had strayed from God, shouted from the top of their lungs that only the Lord is God (1 Kings 18:39-40). Likewise, these days when we preach the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit, with marvels, prodigies and signs, people soon decide to belong to the Almighty.  Is this not what Jesus came to do and commanded us to do the same?  God is faithful!

Paul obtained great success in preaching the Gospel where nobody had yet heard or known of Christ.  The purpose of the apostle was to take the power of God to those lives who did not yet know the true God.  It does not matter what religion a person belongs to; if he has never seen nor heard the Good News demonstrated with the power of the Lord, he is not spiritually fulfilled.  Therefore he suffers the evil advances and is not able to live the true freedom that there is in Christ. 

The Scriptures state that Peace only comes to those who receive the message of the cross.  Somebody who has not heard of what Jesus did for him, or did not believe in the Bible has not been delivered from the realms of darkness.  Ever since Adam gave ears to the serpent, the devil became the lord of humanity.  Only the preaching of the Gospel gives man the condition to be delivered from the kingdom of evil.  Even at risk of your own life, preach only the Truth!

We must not fear the threats from Hell, for only the Lord is God and will preserve us from evil.  However, if it be the plan of the Almighty that some pay with their lives the price of salvation of the lost, this must be received as a gift.  Those who obey and perform the will of the heavenly Father will have an eternal reward which will compensate any pain or suffering in the service of God in this world.  Live in a manner pleasing to the Lord in all things!

Hosea the prophet was used to encourage us to know and proceed in knowledge of the Lord (Hosea 6:3) because in this dwells our joy and happiness now and in the future. There is nothing better in this life than to be sure that we are edified on the Rock, which is unmovable. He is the Only God, true Foundation, in whom we can hope and trust. 

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We want to know and to proceed in knowledge of You!  Certainly this will be endless, because You are much more than we can learn, feel, and see.  Those who see Jesus see You, and this is what fulfills us.  

However, the day will come when we are free from the evil caused by the fall of Adam and Eve.  Then we will know You as we are known by You.  What a wonderful day will tomorrow be, with the coming of Jesus!

You are the Rock on which we have edified our lives.  Forgive us for not giving You more.  We would please You more and more! Nevertheless, what little we know of You already brings us joy and fulfillment.  Your love calls us to love You always.  


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