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For the Lord loves justice, And does not forsake His saints; They are preserved forever, But the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off. Psalm 37:28

In verse 27, the subject that David was developing, there are two wise admonitions that are very useful for everyone.  First he speaks of departing from evil.  When we are tempted and succumb we start serving a demon sent from Hell to harm us.  After we have sinned, we become as if tied and inseparable from this evil spirit.  Consequently he leads us to do things even worse than what we have done.  We must depart from evil!

It will not be easy to free ourselves from who became our master, for he will do everything to keep us in his control.  The devil’s control works like a magnet, in order to keep us bound to him. Only with divine assistance will we be able to free ourselves from him. If you have been bound and imprisoned to bad thoughts and to do that which is not good, then you must put top priority in you deliverance and freedom.  Otherwise your fate will be like the lost here and for all eternity.

Next, the Psalmist speaks of doing good, and the greatest Example is Jesus, our Savior who was anointed with the Holy Spirit and with virtue, went everywhere doing good works and healing those that were obsessed or oppressed by the devil (Acts 10:38). Proceeding in this way you will not be in God only a few times – as is the case when you go to church and He makes His presence felt, answering to your prayers – but you will also dwell in Him forever.  The Lord wants the best for you. 

When you are doing good works don’t let the devil fill you with fear.  Often times, the person starts to follow the orders of the Almighty – such as delivering the captives, healing the infirm and leading the sinners to salvation – thinking that nothing will happen.  The gifts and powers of the Word which He has given someone are eternal, irreversible, complete and ready for this person to be used like Jesus and His disciples were. God loves justice!

In battles fought by the saved, there will never be the slightest chance for defeat, because the Almighty does not abandon His saints.  Unless they allow the enemy to invade their thoughts negatively, they will always be victorious.  How can the devil defeat the saved if they obey God?  Do as the Lord commanded and you will be on the road to victory. Say: “Amen!”

If the devil could, he would destroy all those who undo their works of evil.  Nevertheless, he cannot do this, because the Almighty preserves those who trust in His Word and execute his works as He ordered.  Every day, at any moment, the power of God will be operating to protect and preserve you from any contamination by the enemy.  Nothing that comes from Satan will touch your life.  It is much better to answer and fulfill your calling given by God.

Finally we learn that not only you will be blessed but your entire family too. The descendants of the wicked will be uprooted. Don’t be a Christian that tries to serve God but in truth is serving the enemy. If your desires and thoughts have been sinful and you have obeyed the devil, fight for your deliverance and freedom or your family will pay the price!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God that loves justice! It is good to know that in the struggle against evil that comes against us or harms other people, whom You take us to bless, we are under Your command,  fulfilling Your purpose and plan.  This way we are guarded.  You are our Savior!

We will never be unassisted! This gives us strength and power to fight for those who suffer, knowing we will never suffer any setbacks. Held up by Your power we will grow in Your grace and in You.  We thank You that we are Yours!

We pray for the wicked that they may repent! They do not know how much harm and evil they bring to themselves and their loved ones.  If they continue in their iniquity they will march to the precipice and never enjoy heavenly gifts.  Furthermore, their descendants will be uprooted from the land.  Mercy!


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