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But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness, Romans 4:5

The most important work that God is doing today is the justification of the ungodly, who have not yet truly converted. They risk being condemned and lost forever. If they leave this life without having experienced justification in Christ, they will be cast into eternal torment. Understand that the Lord does not want to do this to anyone (Matthew 18:14). Whoever wishes to please the Almighty needs to help evangelize  those not saved.

Mankind´s condition is the saddest possible. Many people live in complete spiritual misery, therefore, are unable to live in a good and pleasant way in the eyes of the Most High. However, when man realizes his condition as servant of the enemy and turns to Jesus, he is justified by the Lord, becoming saved by the blood of Christ. This act produces such great joy in Heaven (Luke 15:7). Hallelujah!

One of the best things we can do is to collaborate in spreading the Gospel to all people. Right now, we are in the position as ministers of heaven’s blessings, and God uses us wonderfully. There is no way that the holy people cannot feel victorious when they cooperate with the divine work. From the moment we decide to serve the Lord, the doors are opened to us.

What a privilege it is for man to walk with the Father and enjoy His gifts in the light of His face! If you believe in Him who saves sinners, do your best to lead them into the divine presence. Then your reward will be provided, for you have shown that you love the Lord. He will reward His faithful!

When you believe that the wicked can be justified and strive to do so, God’s promises become part of your life. At that moment, in your record in Heaven, it is written that you have performed an act of justice, and your value in the face of all things increases. Thus, the Holy Spirit can use your life in greater works.

Something worthy of having God’s best servants involved is the ministry of conveying Christ’s message to the lost. To do this, those called by the Lord need to prepare themselves to represent Him in all situations, regardless of what the lost have done to them. Certainly, the devil will use the filthiest means to lead them to become rebellious and disregard the salvation of the wicked.

Never miss an opportunity to fulfill the divine purpose. Dedicate yourself to the mission of ministering to sinners about repentance. The Almighty wants their justification and He expects more from us, His children. Whoever loves Him is loved by Him and Jesus.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord who justifies the ungodly! The Scriptures deserve further study, so that Your people may cooperate for the salvation of the ungodly. Those who do the work are more successful in faith in Christ. Help us to dedicate ourselves to this task.

The fact that a person believes that You can redeem the lost will be accounted as righteousness. With that, we understand that it is best to give the world a chance to get out of spiritual bondage and go to the Light.

Father, it is good to see You rescuing the ungodly, who would be sent to darkness. But because they converted, they became new creation in Christ. Through Your grace, they began to see You and serve You. Amen!


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