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He left Judea and departed again to Galilee.  John 4:3

By heavenly guidance, the Son of God left Judea for Galilee, where He would be used in a special way. Jesus would not run from persecution against Him. However, since it was not His moment yet, it could still not strike Him. At the right time, after demonstrating God’s power, our Lord would face the hatred of the false religious men and redeem mankind.

No matter what wind blows on your life, whether for or against. If you are doing what pleases God, you will suffer nothing. There are numerous things you need to know. But the most important thing is to be saved and to remain in the presence of the Father. This is what the Master taught during His days on Earth. Therefore, we must believe and teach as well. Not preaching the Truth is wrong.

It is sad to know that some will be lost, but we must go to them to tell them about salvation. Christ can and wants to save the lost. The Most High has prepared people everywhere to hear the sweet message of redemption. May all learn their rights in Jesus and use them as loved and guarded children by the Father. He is so good!

Everyone should have a chance to know the Gospel. Just as Jesus preached in His days on Earth, we must also evangelize in the power of the Spirit with signs and wonders. Everybody is important to God, because the spirit of man is part of Him. Use your efforts for the wicked to understand and accept salvation.

The divine plan included the Master’s passage through Sychar until he reached Galilee. He could not have chosen another way, because at 12:00 pm on the day he arrived in that region, there would be an evangelization that would culminate in the conversion of a sinner as well as all men and women of that city. In this we see God’s love for those discriminated, as it happened with the Samaritans.

Have we been thinking about what the Lord wants us to do for the lost of our “Samaria´s”, people we don´t want to meet or befriend? The day will come when He will make us feel like going through the discriminated regions, where we will find people ready to experience God´s gift. Prepare yourself to be used by the loving Lord in such a wonderful way.

No doubt in our Samaria, many need the testimony of Christ, which we will bear with the help of the Lord. There are sick people to be healed, oppressed to be set free, and sinners who will become holy  if we go to them and let God use us. Don’t waste your time on plans, but be an instrument of the Most High. Thus, you will see that His plans are better.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our true Guide! We must obey Your guidance. Being our Father, You will never guide us away from Your will. May we always give you the Lordship in our lives!

We are Yours to fulfill your will. Therefore, we will give you the lordship about what we should do and where to live. Do not leave us alone, but give us a drink of Your Spirit, that we may live worthily.

When You go with us through the Samaria’s of the nations, we will follow Your guidance. We need to fulfill Your purposes. Thus, we will feel fullfilled. We want to love You!



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