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22/03/2019 - THE LORD´S JOY OVER YOU

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For as a young man marries a virgin, So shall your sons marry you; And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, So shall your God rejoice over you. Isaiah 62:5

We need to learn what the Lord God says about the Church, about those who convert, for they are already part of His people. This is not just a beautiful and simple statement, but it also brings about what we are and have in the Lord. Therefore, make sure you do not lose your inheritance in Christ. The joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10). You cannot despise what He has made you to be in Christ.

From an early age, every boy likes to look at a girl, although he does not know the meaning of such feeling, because still in childhood, his mind does not allow him to know the mystery of life. But when he reaches puberty, he will instinctively enjoy the opposite sex, and when he learns what happens in marriage, he will sense the happiness he will one day have when he sees God’s promise being fulfilled, giving him sons and daughters. Marriage is something much awaited!

The devil has spread his lies, and unfortunately, some people are persecuted since their early days by wicked spirits. Then they begin to feel a natural attraction in the wrong way. If these children have god-fearing parents, they will be delivered through their intercession. Parents that are saved are God´s joy, and when they pray, they see the power from High restore happiness in their home.

The marriage of a young man is a festive event, one of fulfillment and independence. The act of uniting in marriage makes the young man feel responsible and rewarded by God. The Most High affirms that we will marry Jesus, to live spiritual happiness and produce fruits that will make Him rejoice. You were not brought into the Kingdom to stumble your way to Heaven, but to experience the abundant life provided by Christ to His people.

Great is the mystery of our arrival into the Kingdom of God. Therefore, we must be consecrated to truly live this union which has been sealed by Heaven. Nothing will give more joy to the Most High than to see us fulfilled in life with our Savior. He has received all power; therefore, we must not fail to use this prerogative to be plentiful as well.

In marriage, the joy of one who is good lasts a lifetime. Now, it’s a sad thing to know that the other party was unfaithful. This leads the person who was betrayed to feel defeated. If the foolish spouse fails to truly apologize himself, in the Day of Judgment, the other half who suffered great loss will simply not forgive him. It takes true repentance and conversion, so that those who were unfaithful be forgiven and saved.

If you have transgressed, confess your error in order not to be cast into the outer darkness (Matthew 8:12). God wants to see you next to Him, praying again and doing what He tells you. Otherwise you will be condemned to eternal fire. When you return, He will rejoice with you. Thus, nothing will separate you from His love. Come back!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our eternal Half! Your message to mankind is simply beautiful, for You compare our union with You to that of the young woman who marries the maiden! We must respond "Yes," confirming that we accept You as our husband.

Our marriage with Jesus is eternal. With your love, the pure bond of this marriage will never be broken. When You called us to be Yours, we turned out back to sin. Therefore, our commitment is indissoluble.

We are so happy that we lack words to express our gratitude. We want You by our side, guiding us and leading us to taste the best of this pure relationship. We are grateful to You for rejoicing with us in this eternal act.


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