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Shall I not punish them for these things?” says the Lord. “And shall I not avenge Myself on such a nation as this? Jeremiah 5:9

When the enemy begins to act, and the good people do not rise up to prevent his entry among the people, the Lord must show His other good side. Nothing will stop Him from acting, and He will do it in our days, once corruption has scattered in such a terrible and dangerous way. If not contained, it will take everyone to the same destination: the lake of fire and sulfur. God is alive and watching! Halleluiah!

Never join the troublemakers, who do not measure the consequences of their actions. Everything that is hidden will be revealed (Matthew 10:26). Awful demons often hide behind nice words, a beautiful smile or “innocent” tears. We can only trust God. Cursed is he who trusts man and makes flesh his strength (Jeremiah 17:5). Never believe those who do not have the Spirit of the Lord!

Great empires of the world have fallen because of moral corruption among their people, beginning with their leaders. When a person no longer fears God, he contaminates others. Then, if God does not act, soon many lives will abide by Satan, which is contrary to that of the Most High. There is only one way for this “cancer” to be contained: through the punishment of the Almighty.

When a person puts their dreams and desires first, evil advances at an amazing speed. Then, he corrupts himself with the most pernicious things. Once infected, he does not see that this will lead him to fulfill the enemy’s other whims. When you see someone like that, pray and watch that you don’t get contaminated. God is true love!

The Lord said, through Jeremiah, that He would not fail to punish the people of Judah due to the events in their midst. God does the same today, so we have to be vigilant and pray. Intercession has never been as useful as it is today. If it continues like this, the godly will end. The punishment of that people was to spend 70 years in Babylonian captivity. God’s people, captive? Yes, that´s true!

The Almighty was avenging His soul on a nation like that. He will also not allow the enemy to destroy His work on Earth. We have an obligation to protect ourselves against evil, using the power we´ve been given. Biblical admonitions and examples are in the Word. God will help His Church to purify itself and get rid of evil works.

The revelation given to Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, is valid for our lives and our days. We must resist the avalanche of filthy things that come from the kingdom of evil. The devil’s intention is to harm and terminate the work that God raised in this country to shake the world. Be careful! Never be an instrument of the enemy. Mercy!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God who loves and punishes! Thank You for not allowing evil to spoil the work You began, which needs to move forward, taking the power and virtue of Your Spirit to hearts that never knew You!

Why suffer the punishment, when we can repent and gladden Your heart? We cannot be used by the filthy one who tries to smear us forever. We come to You to receive Your forgiveness and Your anointing.

Father! No more mistakes, faltering and works of the enemy in us. We want to taste of Your goodness, as we never have, and be lifted up to inflict on the devil the defeat he deserves. Only You are God and only You will work in us!


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