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Now Jacob’s well was there. Jesus therefore, being wearied from His journey, sat thus by the well. It was about the sixth hour.  John 4:6

Even two thousand years had passed, Jacob’s fountain continued to provide water to those who sought it. Likewise, God’s promises still work in the lives of those who thirst and hunger for divine justice. Search the Scriptures to see what they contain for you. No doubt, you will find in them the solution to your problems . Jesus continues to sit by the fountain!

Just a small revelation of the Word and your thirst for the Water of Life will be quenched. From then on, you will notice that a small amount of the true water will produce in you an infinite source that will flow into eternal life (v. 14). In the Bible, we discover many good and useful things that transform our lives into a garden of the Lord. Join those who have learned to please God, and you too will live free from any trouble.

The Word declares that Jesus got weary from His journey. Even following the guidance of the Father, He was fatigued – a proof that in the human aspect He was just like us. But while the disciples went to the village to buy bread, the Master saw a Samaritan woman arrive to draw water from the well. He was the Fountain more powerful than the natural one , but the woman did not know . It took Jesus to feel tired to fulfill the Lord’s plan for that woman´s life.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to give a word to a needy, even if they do not know us or know that we have the solution for them. That Samaritan woman went to the fountain at noon for she lived away from God’s standard. At that hour, only those who were not well-liked went to the well, and that was her case. Jesus managed to give the woman the true living water, and she straightened up.

In the heat of the day, instead of resting in the shade, the Master was there to minister salvation to those who needed divine mercy. It is good to follow the example set by Him! Instead of looking at our convenience, we need to help those who need our faith and prayer, regardless of the time or sacrifice to be made. Obey Heaven’s guidelines!

Imagine what would happen to the city of Sychar, to that woman, and everyone she invited to meet the Man who had told her everything she had done (v. 29), if the Master had not begun the dialogue with her! There is no way to disregard the Lord’s guidelines and stay where we are, because we are unwilling to go so far. Those called by the Most High to any mission must renounce themselves and follow Him (Luke 9:23).

We need to answer to the Lord by accomplishing the task He has given. If God has called you to be a watchman, listen to His voice and obey. Do not let someone’s blood be required from your hand. We were saved to serve, or we were not saved. If you still don´t know the divine will, pray!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our Savior is a great Example! Your Son had to grow weary and sit by Jacob's fountain to save the Samaritan woman and turn her into a great evangelist. May we feel Your touch and thus win the lost!

How many times we have a chance to bring the knowledge of the truth to someone, but the things we find normal steal us of the gift You give! Thus,, the damage is great. Mercy!

Let us be used as Jesus was, and then the entire city may also awaken and draw close to Your feet. Although we do not understand Your teaching, speak to us, giving us the power to make the most of every moment to speak of You.


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