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Then they were all amazed, so that they questioned among themselves, saying, [i]“What is this? What new doctrine is this? For with authority He commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey Him.” Mark 1:27

When we fail to pay heed to the Word of God, we hurt the Gospel and all people – lost and saved. The lost marvel when they become aware of what divine power can do for them, and the saved are awestruck when they realize how much they are missing out on. It´s wonderful to be in fellowship with the Most High and learn what belongs to us in Christ. Thus, we can honor Him in all things. 

When we read the Bible, or listen to an anointed person speak of the Scriptures on what we can do to obtain faith in Jesus, our heart rejoices. However, if we do nothing, we will be greatly frustrated. The secret for this not to happen is to put the Lord´s teachings into action. After all, when we know our rights in Christ, He will not fail to answer us or grant His power to work in our favor. 

We can´t accept any doctrine contrary to God´s will. When we come to know Jesus´ feats, we must also carry them out. However, because we don´t live in the revelation of the Word, we lack the necessary faith to do as the Master. Those who feel excluded from divine presence, or think that God doesn’t answer them, must pray to know what caused Him to turn His back on them, for He certainly would never do that. Know your rights in Him and live! 

Why do the lost run away from the church? Are we doing the same works Jesus did, or are we using rituals or useless things made up by foolish people deceived by the wicked one? Certainly we are to blame, for, if we followed Jesus´ examples, we would see more works done, and then, do as our beloved Master. Thus, multitudes would follow us and walk with God. 

The new doctrine cannot be altered, for it is the New Covenant, one in which Satan was put in his due place: under our feet. Enough of negative and deceitful teachings, which praise the devil and lessen the work of the Holy Spirit.  We must act now, carrying out the same works of the Master and showing the world what the Gospel truly is. We can´t fool the people and think God will help us. He honors those who honor Him (Romans 13:7). 

We are living the wonderful days of the New Testament, where the devil has been unmasked. This will cause multitudes to seek the true God. Why bicker with religions, if we have what they don’t have? The Most High anoints and preparer us to lead us like Christ. What have we done with the power given by the Lord? Those who preach the Truth unmask the wicked one and deliver the oppressed. 

We must make our rights in Christ prevail and stop crying before God, asking for authority to show the Truth. Now, the Gospel is the power of God. Those who do His will honor what is written. Stop being ashamed by the devil! 

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Marvelous Operator of wonders! The little we know of You already makes us admire Your ability to do wonders, revealed in the works of a perfect Master. You are more than we think or dream in every way.

The demons do not resist you; the diseases simply disappear; sorrows, sadness and other afflictions cannot withstand You, for you are a Consuming Fire. Who can resist You? You are beautiful!

We want to give You due glory. At no time will we be frustrated in faith in Jesus, because Your glory and honor will never be ashamed. Let us know Your authority more!


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