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Now the chief priests and all the council sought testimony against Jesus to put Him to death, but found none. Mark 14.55

The priests during the days of Christ erred in their attitudes, because they were not led by the Spirit of God. The same happens in our days. Some dedicate themselves to the ministry for lack of secular work, by family advice, curiosity or other reasons. Whoever wishes to serve the Lord must be evaluated by those who are already doing the work, who will verify if he is fit, if he possesses the anointing and disposition for it. The ministry is meant to serve only the Most High.

If a person is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he will not err. But he who seeks God at the insistence of his family will only make wrong decisions. In a moment of temptation, he won’t think twice: he will accept the devil’s proposal and quickly go on to sin. Now, the devil will never let this person consecrate herself to the Lord, because she doesn’t love God, because she treats the divine work like a bad doctor practices medicine. So sad!

It is better to be a good church member than a bad pastor. Now, this ministry has its demands. After all, this servant deals with lives that are seeking the Lord, but are still imperfect. Even if things seem to work well, the work will be the fruit of the flesh without divine guidance – and everything that comes from it will be useless. God’s worker must always be at the feet of Christ, or he will never be in a position to help the oppressed to be set free!

The fact that the priests and the whole council were seeking testimony against the Savior already signaled that some of them, if they were sincere, should come to the conclusion that this attitude was wrong. Now, they were looking for someone who would lie before the council, in exchange for some money, because they didn’t care how they would get this “testimony”. They wanted to destroy the man who was doing good, whom they thought had come to compete against them. Mercy on those who think that way!

They wanted to kill the Prince of Peace, and they succeeded, but they did not know that it was from God. Now, if Christ had not died, we would not be saved and quickened. The work in the life of a sinner is greater than we think. God is interested in giving salvation to the lost, so that they may live alongside Jesus in the Kingdom of Heaven. Woe to those who are eternally lost, for there will be no second chance. Eternal life is for those who believe!

The work accomplished by Christ is more than perfect, because He is the Truth in action. So, whatever the priests found against the Lord would be a lie. Now, how could deception stand before the One who is the Truth? Simply impossible. If this were possible, the world would be hopeless. When the Lord promises new life to those who believe, His honor is at stake. Try to present yourself approved to God (2 Timothy 2:15).

Whenever we preach the Word, we will see it manifested, delivering oppressed and suffering people from the attacks of Hell. Now, remember that the Lord is the Head of the Church. If the Father decides to use someone who is not from our midst, let us not dare to hinder whom He chooses. God and His work can never be hindered (Job 42.2).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of right guidance! Only You are able to guide us, lead us to good terms, and give us the necessary blessings. We don't want to lie, but rather - use Your power, so that the devil doesn't invade our lives. It is good to be before You!

We know that religious people resent the fact that we are used by You, but what can we do? We obey You and fulfill Your purpose. Nothing that we have accomplished has been born of ourselves, but has come from Your Word by Your revelation!

The world will persecute us and seek evidence against us, but they will never find it. Whoever does Your will is free from any contamination of the evil one. We desire to fulfill Your commands more and more. Thus, we will bear good witness continually. Amen!


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