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I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;I will guide you with My eye. Psalm 32:8

The Creator is our best Teacher of all time. He offers to instruct and teach us the path to be trodden. When Abraham heard the voice of God telling him to go out from his land and go to one to be shown, the patriarch obeyed. Later, when the Most High revealed Himself to him as the Almighty, it was proved that Abraham made de right decision. It is impossible for the Lord to fail with anyone who places their trust in Him.

To be without direction has never been good, because we are unable to see any light in the events of the spiritual realm. We receive the anointing of God, but we must be enabled to do His work, knowing when and how to do it. If we are to be successful, we need the Lord´s safe instructions. Only this way will we be precise in carrying out His orders.

When Moses finally brought the people out of Egypt under God’s command, he was guided by the Most High not to choose the shortest path – about nine days’ walk. Otherwise there would be a large number of casualties among the Hebrew people; after all, Pharaoh was after his former slaves, with the goal of killing many of them and bringing so many others back into captivity. God knows everything, no Israelite was killed!

Let the Lord point you where you should go. Some years ago, a journalist who worked with us was offered a position on a large television network, but she did not pray to the Father in order to know if it came from Him. The poor girl went to work there. One day, she went out to do a story in another city, there was an accident, and she lost her life. You must hear the Lord!

Besides guiding us, the Most High promises to teach us the right way. These two offers should never be overlooked. Once He has foreknowledge – knowledge of the future – His words are essential for us to walk safely without being attacked or defeated by the enemy. However, it is important to never give up or despise divine guidance. God is the true Friend at all times!

When he took possession as king of Judah, David heard of the Philistines’ coming against him, and was ready to fight. But first, he asked the Lord whether he should act in this way, and God replied yes. David overcame them as the breaking of waters. Then the Philistines regrouped, and David again asked the Almighty for the next step. By following divine guidance,  he completely defeated them (1 Chronicles 14: 8-17).

We have lost battles for failing to seek God’s instruction and correct teaching in all things. Before we are under the adversary´s fire, we must be alert to the orders of the heavenly Father, because they are so valuable. From the moment the devil plans something against our life, the Lord knows how to deliver us. Learn from Him!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Master! We are grateful because You prepare us and lead us. So you did with Abraham, and he succeeded in the land shown by You. The same will happen to us if we are alert to Your Word.

David was able to stand up, go against and defeat the Philistines, who breathed mortal hatred for Israel, because You taught him how to act. The same thing must happen to us, since we are in deadly war against an enemy who does not like us.

Your instruction to Gideon caused 300 men to defeat the Midianites, thus, bringing an end to years of famine and misery. Today, we need Your training, to fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith.


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