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And the Syrians had gone out on raids, and had brought back captive a young girl from the land of Israel. She waited on Naaman’s wife. 2 Kings 5.2

A person discriminated against for any reason can be very useful in the hands of the Lord. The girl taken by Naaman, to serve his wife, was one of God’s great servants who honored the faith He grants to His children. The name of this young woman will be revealed to us in Heaven. What she did fills us with tears, courage and love: to convey the right message to the leprous man who had taken her away from her relatives.

As the servant of an influential woman, the wife of the commander of the Syrian armies, the girl would never be heard unless the Most High used her, and that’s what happened. No matter how you are known in your home, in your church, and in the city where you live, God has a purpose in your life. He will make you one of the workers of great importance, collaborating to change many people.

With wisdom, she addressed Naaman’s wife and spoke of what she knew very well: the power of the Lord, who could heal the general of his leprosy. Upon hearing the young girl’s narrative, the wife could never have imagined that a servant girl would know something so special, so she hastened to tell her husband the good news. He made sure and must have asked his wife to tell him what she knew about the man of God, who had the power to deliver him from the disease (2 Kings 5.4). And so she did!

Telling about the anointing of the prophet Elisha was easy. The stories of the times God used him and answered him also fascinated the young girl’s heart when she was in Israel. One thing is certain: the Most High is pleased to help us. As His servants, we have the power to change the trajectory of any person. Therefore, we must consecrate ourselves and be ready to give the lost and suffering the hope that they will be helped in their needs.

The young woman did not try to bargain her deliverance with the general’s healing, nor did she complain about being taken away from her home and the affection of her family to be in a distant land. She knew that God had everything under control and would be with her always. With firmness of faith and wisdom, she told the cases she knew of, affirming that the general would return healed. Who would believe a daughter of the Israelites, who had been taken away from home to serve a lady? The Lord is faithful!

In the world, we find people suffering from incurable diseases or insolvable problems. So, the best thing to do on their behalf is to talk about Jesus, how He can give solution and healing to their ills. In fact, it is enough to mention the sick everywhere who have been healed, as well as sinners who have been delivered from their sins. Thus, they will recognize Jesus as Savior and be saved.

I can imagine the affection that family had for this young girl. Despite being far from home and relatives, she gave the best news, which brought joy to that home. The young girl didn’t even think about whether they would thank her. As a servant of the Lord, she simply let herself be used by Him. There is nothing better than to love God and be loved by Him and His Son. Trust!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, who takes care of the servants! In order for that young girl to surpass others of her age, she had to go to Syria to be a helper for the general's wife. But no one knew that You had sent her as a missionary. By this Your Name was magnified!

We desire to be Your instruments, no matter where and when You send us. The main thing is to be sure that we will be rewarded on the Great Day. Just to think that we will live in You, in Your house, and amid Your glory, is enough. We will honor and serve You!

To create that atmosphere of faith that took over Syria, with the healing of the general, You only needed to use a young girl. Thank You for placing us in Your redemptive plan. Help us not to frustrate You, but to follow Your purpose without getting off course!



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