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And when the demon was cast out, the mute spoke. And the multitudes marveled, saying, “It was never seen like this in Israel! Matthew 9:33

The preaching of the Good News is one of the most sublime tasks to be carried out by man around the world, because it does not compete with the message of religions. The Gospel reports what Jesus did for humanity on the cross of Calvary. We should not engage in religious, philosophical, or political disputes, but stick to the teachings and accomplishments of Christ and do the same as He did in His earthly ministry.

The apostle Paul defined the Gospel as the power of God (Romans 1:16). When preaching the Good News, which is the meaning of the Gospel, we set up divine power for the oppressed to be delivered from their evils, healed of their sicknesses, and to receive the forgiveness of their sins. Thus, they will become God’s children. There is no better and greater benefit to your neighbor than give him the opportunity to be saved.

By believing, you begin to walk with the Father to do what He proclaims about you in His Word. Just take possession of the Lord’s statements for the work to be accomplished in your life. Then you will enjoy His promises, provided you, by believing in divine revelation, determine that it is real in you. When you learn that something belongs to you, take hold of it as soon as it is revealed to you.  

According to the biblical narrative of Matthew 9, Jesus was casting out a demon, who had reasons to torment that person. I have witnessed this happening countless times, when I commanded the demon to come out of the person for whom I was praying. Now, he was not there by chance, but under Satan´s command. No doubt things would get worse for this evil spirit if it did not leave. Surely the power of God is greater than that of the devil!

That man did not speak because he was possessed by a dumb demon. This teaches us something: when possessing a person, these beings transmit their nature to them. But when they are delivered, they go back to normal. So it is with those who use drugs, prostitute themselves or do something condemned by the Word. It is necessary to use the power of the Lord and deliver the one suffering from any disorder caused by the forces of darkness. Jesus sets free!

A pleasant surprise takes over one who sees someone being delivered from Satan´s oppression. If not through the Son of God, there is no other way of delivering one who is in the hands of the enemy. No Christian should miss the chance of doing good to those oppressed by the devil. By being in Jesus, the saved needs to ordain all evil to go away. However, before giving the command, see if the person believes as the Bible says, so that your command works.

The crowd marveled for they had never seen such a thing in Israel, where they believed that God had already accomplished everything for man. In fact, the Lord does much more for man than he thinks it’s possible. Whoever understands the revelations of the Most High, in His Word, will experience His great works. Make God be glorified!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of authority and love! What was seen on that day was yet another of Your acts of love and power. That man had to be delivered, as all afflicted by unclean spirits will be if they abide in Your presence and believe in You.

Help us to resist the devil and his temptations. Thus, we will be useful in Your hands. He who lives in the flesh cannot please You, because he can’t use Your power to deliver the captives. We wish to do Your holy will always!

We want to witness the mute speak, the blind see and the paralyzed and lame walk well. After all, for this to happen, Jesus took upon Himself our diseases, infirmities and all that afflicts mankind. Come and use us, Father!


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